Permanent Moves Announce Debut Album ‘Don’t Forget Us: A Chekhovian Song Cycle’

The indie-electro-folk-rock duo Permanent Moves, based in Brooklyn, will debut on April 12 with the release of their album Don’t Forget Us: A Chekhovian Song Cycle.

With a narrative that explores the depths of human nature, Permanent Moves draws inspiration from the classic works of Anton Chekhov. Their upcoming album features Chris Giarmo (American Utopia) and Jessie Shelton (Hadestown), Karl Blau, Starr Busby, and other special guests.

The pair believes their music allows listeners to reflect on their own paths while navigating life’s challenges. In a statement, the pair reflects on their seven-year songwriting journey, focusing on Chekhov’s talent for capturing life’s unspoken moments. The artists said, “It speaks to the questions we often sit around talking about”.

Photo by: Sammy Tunis

Photo by: Sammy Tunis

Praised for their “sonically gorgeous” sound, Shane Chapman and Julia Sirna-Frest have garnered recognition from The New York Times. Julia is a performer, director and musician bringing experience to the project. In addition, she is praised for her diverse talents, shining both on stage and off. Their joint vision gains depth from Shane’s skill as a musician and composer.

With build up for the album’s release, Permanent Moves is set to leave a lasting impact on the indie music scene and beyond. Soon, fans will experience Permanent Moves live at Brooklyn’s Sultan Room on April 16 for a record release show.

Get your tickets for the Sultan Room record release show and stream “Don’t Forget Us” now for a preview of what’s to come. You can experience Permanent Moves’ stunning sound in its purest form by pre-ordering Don’t Forget Us on vinyl.

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