Hearing Aide: Analog Son’s Self-titled Debut Album

One of the newest bands to the funk scene, Analog Son has released their self-titled album just in time for the start of the summer. Jordan Linit and Josh Fairman have created Analog Son after years of friendship together and with the help of some talented funky friends. The duo took months recording the album at Scanhope Sound in Morrison, Colorado using vintage equipment with modern technology to create a sound that is funky fresh. The album features members from The Motet, Dumpstaphunk, The Shady Horns, Lettuce as well as Colorado’s local talent with members of The Congress, Fox Street All Stars, Devon Parker and Convergence. The 10 track album is ideal for getting the party started on lot, at a BBQ or grooving by a pool. The album is available as a free stream via bandcamp or as a $10 digital download.


The album starts off with “The Proffesor” with immediate attention to the funky guitar riffs and bass notes with a splash of brass that gives the listener a quick lesson in instrumental jazzy boogie fever. Devon Parker of SuperCollider provides some sensual vocals on “She’s Somethin” with a hip shaking cymbal crashing. The light and loose keys give great meaning to the song title “Not A Care In The World” whereas “The Game” is a no mess around, tough and spunky melody. “Analog Island” was their first released single and sums up everything you want to know about Analog Son in one genre fusing madness tune. Channeling the disco era, “Struttin” uses harmonies and a contagious rhythm that makes you groove. “Cadillac Sundays” is a lazy afternoon day vibe with full blast guitar strumming while “Swervantes” helps you get thru the week with long stretches of climactic peaks.

Analog Son is a great addition to the growing funk music community of Colorado with unlimited possibilities of artist collaborations and their serious devotion to a dream.

Key Tracks: Analog Island, The Proffesor, Swervantes

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQYf710QJ6o]

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