Heading Aide: Mister F “The F Stands Four”


It’s always interesting to see what transpires when different musical elements get mashed together and get transformed into something new. In the case of Mister F, this particular mash up is the result of a cross pollination of band members from established Upstate New York groups Timbre Coup and Capital Zen. This relatively new project is already starting to make itself known outside of the Capital Region and if the release of their new album The F Stands Four is any indication, the rest of the country should be on notice.

The band’s debut album makes its intentions known off the bat and lets you know right away that you’re in for a slightly psychedelic affair courtesy of some mind bending electronic synth sounds that serve as an opening bell of sorts. This helps usher in the first track, a catchy number called “Everything You Say” which mixes intricate piano fills with a steady bottom end and more layers of synth tones before a frantic guitar solo drives the pleasant jam to a fever pitch. The well mixed vocals stand out here and help lend the song an almost Jamiroquai-esque vibe.

A really solid 1-2 punch of an opener for this release is ensured with perhaps the most engaging song on the album. “This One Goes to 11” features more funky keyboard work at the outset but it also keeps a more traditional rock sound before shedding this completely courtesy of a ferocious tempo change with a supercharged bass line leading the way. This song seems to encapsulate the band’s true sound, one that meshes modern day elements of electronic fusion with progressive song compositions that scream Zappa and King Crimson influences.

Another standout track on The F Stands Four is “Treadmill”, a strong instrumental number that puts the band’s prog rock chops on full display. In general, the instrumental numbers on this release seem to carry a little more energy and attention to production detail. However, the band’s ability to intertwine raging electronica numbers with vocal numbers that have an almost acid jazz to feel to them should benefit them in the live setting.

Key Tracks: Everything You Say, This One Goes to 11, Treadmill

Mister F will be undoubtedly be playing these and many other songs this weekend at their album release party on April 11th at Red Square, with Brooklyn’s Tauk opening up.