SOULFLY Invades the Lost Horizon

Syracuse Goes Back to the Primitive as SOULFLY Invades the Lost Horizon for the 2nd Time in 2 Years.”

On Sunday, October 13 at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse got the treat of having Soulfly, who is coming off a brand new album Savages (which is a great album, better than the previous two in my opinion). With a whole new line-up featuring Max Cavalera, Marc Rizzo, (who is also in Cavalera Conspiracy), Prong’s Tony Campos, and new comer Zyon Cavalera, Max’s son on drums.  Openers Havok kickstarted the show with a very thrashy and political set to get the 200 plus crowd going.  Great set.  Everyone should check out Havok if they haven’t already.

Soulfly opened their set “Bloodshed” and “Cannibal Holocaust” which are the first  two tracks off of “Savages” which really set the spark.  Max seemed more energetic and looked healthier than the last time Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy came to the Lost.  Soulfly then went into the set with some of the classics from the earlier Soulfly years with hits such as “Prophecy,” “Seek N Strike,” (my favorite) and “Back to the Primitive.”

We were treated to more songs off “Savages” as Tony Campos took lead vocal midway through the set for “El Comegente.”  Anyone who is a fan of Tony with his work in Prong and Static X probably lost their shit during that song.

Then we got to what I thought was the best part of the show. Soulfly then focused their set with some old school Sepultura with songs and medleys such as “Refuse Resist,” “Territory,” “Nailbomb,” “Arise,” and “Dead Embryonic Cells” (my personal favorite) which had the moshpits going hard.

Tony Campos took lead vocals again for “Plata O Plomo” off the “Enslaved” album.   Soulfly then closed out the set with “Masters of Savagery,” “Rise of the Fallen,” and wrapped it up with Sepultura’s “Roots.”

Max and the gang came back for an encore of 2 of Soulfly’s earliest hits “Jumpdafuck up” and “Eye for an Eye.”  Total of a 20 song set (including a number of medleys)

Personally I would say Soulfly put on a fantastic show, although it is clear Max is well past his prime and can’t dish out the kind of energy he used to during the early years of Soulfly and Sepultura. However, it was still a kickass show.   Some may say that Soulfly should do full songs in their set instead of setlist consisting of a lot of medleys.  It was awesome to see Tony Campos presence on stage and I think Zyon will stick around in Soulfly for while. I would imagine Soulfly will return to the CNY area with a year or two. However Max Cavalera has a new band on the way, along with a new Cavalera Conspiracy album with his brother Igor.  Time will tell.

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