Hearing Aide: Body Count ‘Bloodlust’

Body Count have returned with a vengeance.  For the first time since 1994’s Born Dead, the band has finally put out two consecutive albums with the same line-up.  And this is clearly Body Count’s best line up since the original lineup.  So what does Bloodlust bring to the table?

The album starts off with “Civil War” which features Megadeth’s Dave Mustane on additional guitars, clearly stating that this album is going more political this time through. Obviously with the political climate as well as the on going violence in inner city areas around the country, Ice-T and the gang are here to make a statement.  Then going into the first single release “The Ski Mask Way, ” which has the old school Body Count feel to it, shows the band is on point, clutch, and heavy as ever.  Not to mention the production on the album is top notch.

Similar to the previous album Manslaughter,  Body Count has dialed up some additional help from other big names in metal.  And on the song “All Love Is Lost” Max Cavalera of Soulfly lends his deadly vocals which was a nice touch to the track. Following that Body Count busts out a kick ass Slayer medley cover which is a cool way to segue at the halfway point in the album.  I would call it heavy metal half time.  Lamb Of Gods’ Randy Blythe also makes a guest appearance with “Walk With Me” where his vocals make a brutal mix with Ernie C’s nasty guitar riffs and Ill Will’s relentless drumming.

The tail end of the album grabs you by the collar and gets politically heavy with “No Lives Matter” whether you agree or disagree with what Ice-T and gang have to spit out, you can’t deny the beats and breakdowns kick major ass, but that’s the beauty of it.  The music is damn catchy, it helps convey the message that much easier.  The last track “Black Hoodie” which pays tribute to KRS-One while conveying one last message, is the album’s best track and leaves you wanting more.

In conclusion, a lot has changed since their first album from 1992, the previous album Manslaughter was aimed at society, this album attacks politics and discrimination.  While all the breakdowns, amazing Ernie C riffs, spectacular drumming, and powerful lyrics from Ice-T are all there, which we are used to hearing from a Body Count album,  the album did feel much shorter than their previous album and there are not as many guitar solos and there are no ballads or clean singing vocals from Ice-T or Ernie C.  But it is still a fantastic metal album and a solid entry to the Body Count catalogue.  This is one of their best albums to date and a lead candidate for best metal album of 2017.

Key Tracks: All Love Is Lost, Walk With Me, No Lives Matter, Black Hoodie

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