Review: HINDER Brings the Freakshow to New Hampshire

hinder1The music playing in the overhead speakers came to a screeching halt as the venue was suddenly enveloped in darkness. The floodlights under the bra-covered drum kit began to flash as all of the members of Hinder made their appearance, the last to emerge was Saving Abel‘s Jared Weeks. The band started the set with the highly energized song, “Up All Night”, followed by “See You in Hell” and “What You Gonna Do”. The fans sang along wholeheartedly and some of them waved their arms in the air. Hinder continued their set with “Use Me” , then they surprised the fans with one of Saving Abel‘s hits, “Sex is Good”, followed by the song that got Hinder‘s name out there, “Lips of an Angel”. Some of the couples in the back of the venue danced along, holding each other tightly. The band continued their freakshow with “2 Sides of Me”, and another Saving Abel hit, “Addicted”. Next was “All American Nightmare” and the band finished with the tearjerker song, “Better than Me” and “Get Stoned”.

hinder6All in all, Jared Weeks did one hell of a job and blew everyone away with their killer set! Be sure to check out future tour dates on, this is a show you will not want to miss!


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