Review: OTHERWISE at Tammany Hall in NYC featuring Photos by Annie Atlasman

otherwise.tammany4The crowd began to fill the empty spaces of Tammany Hall in NYC, mixed animated chatter bouncing off the walls. White and green lights reflected off of the red velvet curtains, giving the venue a very intimate setting. Four chairs sat there pleasantly on the stage, as well as a drum kit, waiting for its master to beat on its drums. Then the overhead lights dimmed as the stage lights brightened, and one by one, the members of Otherwise emerged from the shadows, making their way to the empty seats, with acoustic guitars, fans crying out their name, overjoyed to see their favorite Vegas boys. Their faces lit up at the sight of the fans who had gone out of their way just to see them.
otherwise.tammany46They all sat down and began the set with “Lighthouse”; Adrian Patrick’s voice, as always, made the hairs on the back of everybody’s neck stand up. The ever-adoring Wise Ones cheered excitedly and mouthed the lyrics passionately. Next to play was the band’s unofficial party anthem, “Vegas Girl”, followed by “Silence Reigns” and their current single, “I Don’t Apologize (1000 Pictures)”. The set slowed to the tearjerker track, “Heaven”, and then sped up again with “Shapes of Metal”, “Crimson”, and “Spartacus”. Sadly, the incredible night had to come to a close, as Otherwise ended their set with a Billy Idol cover, “Rebel Yell”, and the well-known beautifully powerful song as the finale, “Soldiers”.

All in all, these soldiers of music did one hell of a job for a last minutes performance. The songs on the set were chosen very wisely, the energy in the room was magnificent, every sound lit up every fiber of the fans’ beings, and as always the band was very connected with the fans. That night, Otherwise made their mark yet again. This summer, they are to tour with Sevendust and Devour the Day. Be sure to check their Facebook to see when the party hits a town near you.


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