Review: Lucid’s Album Release Party for ‘Home Is Where We Wanna Grow’, June 14

Anybody who has spent quality time in the North Country and enjoys a bit of live music has heard of Lucid. Their vibrant and multi-faceted musical capacity is enough to make anybody stop for a listen. The band of six celebrated lots of hard work and the connections they have made along the way with their Home is Where We Wanna Grow Album Release Party on Friday, June 14th. The event was held at the infamous and well-loved Waterhole Music Lounge in Saranac Lake.

The members of this band radiate the friendly, family-like vibe that Upstate New York’s live music scene is known for. They are always on the floor among the crowd before a show and during set breaks, greeting guests and interacting with their fans and this night was no different. As soon as I arrived I could spot percussion and harp player Lowell Wurster and had no problems getting his attention. We chatted for a moment and his excitement about the release of the new album shined. He explained that, “This one is for the people that want to get local. In a world full of so much doom and gloom, we want to represent something good, be people who aren’t just talking about it but actually doing something. We are working together to build good things and create change, and we have some good people helping us to do that.” Referring not only to connections made through live music, but also to the local organic food culture that is so prevalent here in the North Country, one that is getting bigger and better thanks to the people of Fledging Crow Vegetable Farm that the members of Lucid are so respectfully connected to. This is clear in the lyrics of the first song on the album “We can build this thing, from the ground on up, with a little bit of help from everyone”, that are chanted with such truth. Their inspiration and motivation is high and where there is a will, there is a way.

There was excitement in the air as the band kicked off the night with a welcoming “World Full” that filled the room warm island sounds. They hopped from one genre to the next and busted out a few favorites before moving on to play the new album in its entirety. The songs were so diverse, showing how expansive and sophisticated their music abilities truly are. Every person at The Waterhole was dancing to the beats and singing along and I found myself in the middle of it all. During the new song “Highest Vibration”, the dance party turned into a 1950’s get-down. To my right I saw many familiar faces and to my left couples in Harley Davidson attire, the crowd as diverse as the music. There was truly something here for everyone. Keyboardist and singer Andrew Deller surprised the crowd with his accordion playing, while James Armstrong jazzed up the night with his sax. After a quick setbreak the music began again and some old favorites were played, including “Skipping like a Stone”, “Whoa Mamma”, “Psychedelic Circus” and a solid pair of Talking Heads covers, “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” and “Psycho killer” , both of which you can always count on hearing.

These guys have an array of instruments as well as character. They have so much fun on stage and are clearly proud to share their music with anybody who wants to join in and become a piece of their colorful mosaic. Their new album reminds us all why we have a love affair with this band and why the North Country would just not be the same without them.

Be sure to check out Lucid’s 7th annual Backwoods Pondfest, in Peru, NY on August 2nd-3rd!

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