‘One More Time’ Provides Needed Daft Punk Fix for Fans at Upstate Concert Hall

I have been waiting for Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories since their last album, the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy. Although Daft Punk purists have been waiting for the next great album to drop from the reclusive French duo, we can satisfy the need for their incredible blend of disco, house and electronic music by going through their discography, replaying “Get Lucky” over and over and over, or we can go see One More Time, a Daft Punk Tribute Band that puts on a live show that can satiate fans, to an extent.

Daft Punk one more time

Playing Upstate Concert Hall with its low ceilings, the band set up their pyramid, a replica of the 2006/7 Alive Tour stage setup, but lighting director Cullen Noon noted that they were missing two 17′ poles that form an apex behind the pyramid at 15′ high. It wasn’t a downside to the show, but would have been cool to see. Speaking of lights – throughout the night, the lighting was batting nearly 1.000, varying with the set as it progressed, timing it just right on certain lyrics, highlighted by a disco ball used at the perfect moments of the 80 minute set.

Daft Punk one more time

Musically, the show felt short. I had high hopes for this show and by the time the crowd was warmed up, it felt as though we were already on the latter half of the set. Time flies when you’re having fun, and remixes and mashups of songs added to it, but something was missing – perhaps a large, sweaty crowd massed towards the stage, thumping to the beat of every track without a skip – but we were in Clifton Park and the crowd was around 100 at best, so that was part of it. But still, Daft Punk music is never a reason to not dance.

Daft Punk one more time

The music was everything you would expect it to be – the hits, the rare tracks, a bit of everything, including the new track that debuted only a week prior. The set started out as the Alive Tour opener – “Robot Rock”, “Oh Yeah”, “Touch It”, “Technologic”, then departed for a mix of tracks, a bit of everything for the crowd. “Derezzed” from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack was a welcome surprise and made the pyramid light up something spectacular in varying sweeps of color. A deep remix of “Harder Better Faster Stronger” was evidence the duo, R & B, were not just pressing play but spinning a unique set for us. “Overture” > “Crescendolls” was a sweet combo, as was the spirited version of “Human After All”. The disco ball was timed perfectly on the robot-speak lyrics on “Human”. “Get Lucky” was gives a standard mix and provided a spark to the crowd at the right moment. An encore of “One More Time” was expected but still welcomed by all, as the tune is likely the most popular of all the band’s songs over the years.

For those who still won’t be content with Random Access Memories after it comes out later this month, fear not! The duo will perform at Website Hall in NYC in August, with a new live show to reflect the new album. Since Daft Punk isn’t planning to go out on tour anytime soon, the closest we’ll get is One More Time.

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