Phish’s Blossom Music Center, OH 6/20/95 Now Available on Livephish

Phish released another live gem from the good ol’days of 1995 6/20/95 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH; from which a few other shows from the same tour have previously been available (Lincoln NE, Orlando FL, Hershey PA) now the pick of the litter is available exclusively at Livephish. As an added bonus to this already fantastic show is the filler, the entire second set from 6/22/95 at Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center in Canandaigua, New York.

Blossom Phish Tix

“It was hot and humid on Tuesday June 20, 1995 – the night after the Summer Solstice when Phish played their first headline show at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.” –  Kevin Shapiro, Phish Archivist

6/20/95 Blossom contains three and a half hours of music totaling just 25 songs. The set is currently available as a FLAC and MP3 download and is slated for release by JEMP Records on April 30, 2013. For now a “Chalk Dust Torture” audio track from 6/20/95 is available for your listening pleasure and for sharing by stream, download or broadcast at: YouSendIt

“The band was playing new material too, including a cluster of songs debuted a month before at a oneoff show in Lowell, Massachusetts like Spock’s Brain…” – Phish Archivist, Kevin Shapiro

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1995 was the peak of everything the band had done up to that point in their career. Everything they had worked for over the last decade was now culminating in what many phans consider the pinacle of their career. The band was tight, the groove was good and the jams were magical. A big high five to the boys from me on this release! I saw a handful of show on this tour and this release is as heady as they come.


“The encore was Slave To The Traffic Light, with some nice improvisation that bumped between huge arena-rock and a minimalistic, almost ambient work from Page’s Rhodes to Fish’s cymbal rolls. Amazing Grace closed another Ohio show for the ages.” –  Phish Archivist, Kevin Shapiro



Set I:
1. Llama (4:37)
2. Spock’s Brain (5:47)
3. Ginseng Sullivan > (3:05)
4. Foam (10:42)
5. Bathtub Gin (8:50)
6. If I Could (8:23)
7. Taste (7:04)
8. I Didn’t Know (3:24)
9. Split Open And Melt (14:10)

Set II:
1. Halley’s Comet > (5:52)
2. Chalk Dust Torture (8:53)
3. Prince Caspian (2:51)
4. Uncle Pen (4:12)
5. Mike’s Song > (20:40)
6. Contact > (6:19)
7. Weekapaug Groove > (9:26)
8. Hold Your Head Up (1:41)
9. Cracklin’ Rosie > (2:36)
10. Hold Your Head Up (0:59)
11. Highway To Hell (4:01)

1. Slave To The Traffic Light (12:05)
2. Amazing Grace (2:19)

Filler – 6/22/95 II Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center – Canandaigua, NY
3. Theme From The Bottom > (18:17)
4. Tweezer > (41:37)
5. Tweezer Reprise (3:11)