CashorTrade Mobile App is back!

There are big plans for CashorTrade in 2013 and mobile functionality is the first release of many to help fans embrace face value in the upcoming year. CashorTrade had a web app in 2010 that was decent, but limited. The new web app packs full website functionality into a much smaller browser. The CashorTrade web app is a lightweight, easy to use interface that scales for all devices. Enjoy the many features of CashorTrade from anywhere. From navigating the trade list, to posting a trade, to making an offer or payment, and even leaving a review…the mobile app makes it easy to turn what you have into what you want! 

cashortrade appCashorTrade has taken the liberty to fully integrate their Store and Group features as well.  “We are gearing up to better market artists in the community and their products.  This is an important part of the year’s plan. Including them in the mobile app was a must,” says Brando. Also, keeping up with the exclusivity of trade groups, the group trade lists are linked right from the mobile homepage, making it now even easier to trade with those in your closest circles.

CashorTrade has partnered with 18 music websites/blogs, including .com.  Each of these have installed the Trade List Widget within their site offering users more direct access to Face Value Tickets.  These partner sites are linked from the app’s homepage.

Stay tuned for more! This is just the beginning. Visit the web app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or any web enabled device.

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