Album Review – The Vanderbuilts ‘What We Forget’

Every second of  The Vanderbuilts What We Forget is worth remembering. The Syracuse based baroque-rock band captures the warm, encompassing sound of early Velvet Underground and pairs it with the conceptual intricacy of The Acorn’s Glory Hope Mountain.

the vanderbuiltsFrom the haunting intro “Sometime After 43” to the closer “Had A Hat”, it becomes evident that this album fits the description of an all-killer-no-filler, falling perfectly in line with their leading single, “I Wish I Was A Saber Toothed Tiger”. Entrancingly sincere songs like “Near and Far” suck the air out of the room when played. The album is produced by the Grammy Award Winning mixer and engineer Jay Newland, channeling a rather organic sound that pleads for the return of nature, capturing a vivid, live sound as a result.

The Vanderbuilts are Sam Kogon, Dave Riddell, Max Newland, Aya Yamamoto and Grennan Milliken. What We Forget is engineered, mixed and produced by Jay Newland and features Finnegan Shanahan on Violin; string arrangements by Aya Yamamoto and Finnegan Shanahan.

Key Tracks: I Wish I Was A Saber Toothed Tiger, Near and Far, Gypsy, Moscow

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