Review: MURDER BY DEATH in Ithaca

Tuesday night at the The Haunt in Ithaca, NY saw two great bands play: Murder by Death opened up for headliner Man Man. I had seen Murder by Death play in Rochester about 7-8 years ago, and was now excited to hear where they’d taken their music. I was also looking forward to checking out what kind of sound Man Man were bringing to the table.

Anyone that isn’t familiar with Murder by Death should know that they are more of a blend of alternative and indie rock music. Throw in the amazing talent of Sarah Balliet on the cello and you have yourself a force to be reckoned with! When he was up on stage singing, Adam Turla poured his heart and voice into the music and successfully drew everyone in the crowd into each note of every song. Murder by Death had a great list of music set up for us to enjoy, such as some of their early music like “Until Morale Improves”, “The Beatings Will Continue”, and “To My Hill” which is off of their most recent album Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon.

Coming up next was Man Man, and they instantly impressed me with their music. Man Man put on an interesting show, and all of the fans were loving every second of it. The vocalist, Honus Honus, put on an alien mask for the intro song and gave the audience everything they were expecting with his singing. The music was definitely intriguing and was reminiscent of Mars Volta in a way.Their music was very compelling and I am definitely looking forward to listening to more of their music! From start to finish, Man Man put on an amazing show; the audience had fun and had a great time, and I got to experience new music that I will definitely explore!

Overall, the combination of Murder by Death and Man Man was an excellent experience. For anyone who has access in the near future to any of their shows, I highly recommend putting on hold any plans that you have and go see their shows! You will not be disappointed. If you have not experienced indie rock or experimental rock to the fullest and are looking to explore these two genres, go see these two great bands play and get immersed in their music!

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