HUMAANA’s Comfort is laid back, confident

Humaana – Comfort (Panic Records)

Comfortable atmospheres line the tracks of Comfort, the E.P. that marks the first release by Boston’s Humaana. Started as a studio project in 2009 by members of Late Nite Wars and Ryan Stack of Format Audio, Humaana tasked themselves with the “goal to write and record as much material as possible without any genre constraints.” The result is a solid, laid back effort heavy on lush effects and melodies. Somewhat like a modern day Police in sound, the songs are catchy and somehow manage to walk the tightrope of becoming familiar while not at all crossing the line into repetitive, a trap that has easily been fallen into by far longer running acts.

I had no idea how refreshing it would be to hear effects on vocals and not have it be fucking autotune. But it was. Seriously. I can’t help but feel that currently there’s a giant hole in music overall that is just begging for strong, melodic acts to fill it, much like a horny cougar at a homecoming party. Too soon? No matter, Humaana is exactly the band to do the filling, so look out Demi Moore! While I admittedly pulled the Police comparison from the band’s press material, I feel it is the first thing that popped out at me upon listening and quite apt. If I had to pull a band I would compare these guys to from the murky depths of my own brain, I have to say I hear similar qualities to A Day At The Fair, though I am hard pressed to say exactly in what aspect.

Featuring a very big sound for a three piece, strong recording quality and confident songwriting that suggests a much longer running band, this five song E.P. will absolutely get in your head and stay there, and I would suggest it for anyone looking for a warm, comfortable E.P. to get them through the remainder of winter.

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This E.P. was released on 2/28/12 and is now available through the Panic Records website.

-Brian Lawrence

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