Gnarstock 2012 in East Durham 8/18/2012!


Gnarstock 2012 is a 2 day event featuring over 40 bands, DJ’s and acoustic acts. Tickets are 20 dollars and are available as a two day package only. Gnarstock is being held in East Durham, NY at the Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural and Sports Centre. Lineup is:

Day 1: The American Nightmare, The Medium, Be The Deceiver, Know Your Strength, Karma’s Choice, An American Tal,e Mikey Toy,s Impaling The King, Abandon Me,! DJ Torquemaster/ DJ J4b0/ DJ Johnny B, EVV Primative, Boxer Brown, This Renaissance, Par 6, Breathtaker

Day 2: I Am The Anchor, Palemen, SCIO, Burn The Charts, Promise Me Tomorrow, As The Sky Falls, Arrest The Dreamer, Burning Down Paris, Like Lions, The Color Glass, Ghetto Bop Cowboys, OH! Yeller, Triumph On Tragedy, Dawn of the Hero, Changing Tides, Carriers, I Was A Hero, Johnny Booth, Stay Gold, Frontlines, Morgan’s Accident, Decades, The Viking, Forget Tomorrow

Also featuring acoustic performances by: Chris Bivona And/Or (Conor Grocki), Fable Danger (Mike Mrozinski), Courage Underwater, Goldmember (members of OH! Yeller), Seany. K3 (Sean Kawczak), Shapeshifter

Gnarstock is being sponsored by Explore Apparel. And Upstate Metal! Watch for an Upstate Metal booth at this event.

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