ASKING ALEXANDRIA’s reckless and relentless is a fresh kick in the teeth

Compared to Stand up and Scream, Asking Alexandria’s newest album, Reckless and Relentless is a fresh, new, kick in the teeth.

The album starts off quiet with the intro to the first song, but picks up with a powerful breakdown, and Danny’s much improved growls.

One of the biggest improvements on this album is Danny’s vocals. The power in his screams has doubled. His lows are like a swift kick to the groin, and his highs make you want to rip your throat out.

However, the band has their lighter moments, too. Their song Someone, Somewhere features only clean vocals, and they released an acoustic version on Youtube, and can be seen below.

Musically, the breakdowns are heavy, powerful, and do their job. However, the drums are a bit predictable. Upon first listening to the album, I found myself guessing the next drum riff for each breakdown, correctly, no less.

Overall, the album is definitely a great success. The band has filmed a few videos, and more are on the way. The songs do a better job of telling their story than their previous album, which seemed to be more of a declaration of existence. I find myself listening to Reckless and Relentless on most occasions, and every time I find myself enjoying it more.


-Chris Stocking

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