METHOS “Revelation” is skull crushing, aggressive

With a bunch of the sludgy melodic metal bands that I am asked to review, a common theme is coming to the surface. It is one that some bands have full awareness of, while others do not. It is called the “Mastodon Effect.” I define the Mastodon Effect as the trickling down of Mastodon’s influence to bands that would be considered their national peers. In turn, bands on a regional level search out their favorite era of the band and find the joy and greatness that lies within. Then a local band will find that influence in a regional band they have appreciation of. Hence, the band has no idea how much they have been under that spell. In some cases, unknowingly, the comparisons are made…and the band says…what? I say this, it depends on the album you are listening to. Furthermore, they do not hear it within themselves. Obviously, this is the trend of all music, in all eras, at all times. However, we can not deny that this is happening now with the new crop of hungry bands that are on the rise. And to be honest, if that is who you are to be compared to, it is not a bad thing.

There are many bands that meet this criteria that are downright awful. However, Buffalo based Methos, is not one of those bands. They sound like a lot of the bands they would list as influences. However, I picked out the passed down range referenced in my first paragraph. Their debut CD is highly original, and a sure fire ass kicker! The recently released, Revelation, is an all out attack on the senses. It is both creative in scope, and masterful beyond the band’s years. The message of gloom and doom is present and in your face, and the music’s progressive aggression pushes it along so well.

It was easiest to pick out my favorite tracks on this album. I will start with “One Foot In The Grave,” which delivers skull crushing balance while announcing apocalyptic insight. I am one who truly understands a statement like, “We are the children ff the world. With One Foot In The Grave.” Of course, this statement is highly relevant today. Especially when compounded with a lyrical boast of, “Finding the brightest light, like moths to an open flame. Burn all the heretics, no one left here to blame.” It is a strong message on the highest of levels. Many of these tracks are cautionary and unapologetic in their prophetic nature. On the track “Empty Inside,” the talented band continues it’s a collective combo of aural assault and verbal discourse. Singer Shawn Beagle howls, “I see the scars on your face, its your affliction. w2And your fall from grace, its a benediction.” To this I say, fuck yes! You are right!

Aside from the great music that makes up this disc, the cover art is something of extraordinary value in it self.  The “Revelation” artwork was designed by PoltArt Illustrations , whose work has been featured with bands such as Lamb of God, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, Nightshade, Twisted.

The whole package is recommended. Pick it up or download it soon. Here’s to another great band on the rise in Upstate New York. Cheers!


-Erik Jensen

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