NASTY HABIT releasing full length album this month, Tommy Ende discusses creation of latest music video

Tommy Ende is the front man for Nasty Habit, a sleaze metal band based out of Syracuse, NY. The band’s refreshing revival of the 80’s most decadent music, is something that a new fan base is eagerly latching onto. As someone that was in the clubs during the late 80’s and early 90’s, I always found refuge in checking out “this band you have to see.” It was an every weekend thing, and it was a home away from home. That spirit, drive, and musical accompaniment was the living breathing soundtrack of my youth. It also lead to many late night parties, and an overabundance of ladies who were “ready for love.”

Nasty Habit is the genuine article! They walk the walk, and talk the talk. The band embodies all that was so supremely good about that era, and they want you to listen! I had a chance to catch up with Tommy to talk about the band recently. It was a strict reassurance to me that Sleaze is alive and well, and ready to catch fire again!

Erik: Tell me about the changes that lead from GRIME evolving into what is now Nasty Habit.

Tommy: Well, GRIME was our way of learning the ropes. It’s where we worked out all of the kinks and perfected what we’re doing today. Its never easy to re-establish yourself, but I found it a positive decision as it allowed us to start clean and make a new impression without carrying on our inexperienced past. But I do still have a box of GRIME merchandise lingering in my basement! Hahaha…

Erik:  How natural was it for you to step from behind the drums, and take on the role of front man? This is very difficult for many, but you seem to have taken on the task with great ease.

Tommy:  It’s definitely always been in my personality to be a sort of “leader.” I like to have as much representation and influence as possible in the things I involve myself in. So being the “face” of the band puts me in a good place for that. Singing had always been something I couldn’t keep myself from doing, in the car, at work, etc. Pretty much all day, I’ve got some kind of melody in my head. That or I’m singing along with whatever is cranking from the speakers. It’s definitely been a natural transition, a lot depends on you when you’re the front man, but that’s the way I like it.

Erik:  That video for Saturday Night is pretty fun. Tell me about the process of putting the video together? What do you like most about the process?

 Tommy:  Thanks, that’s definitely what we aimed for. It’s kind of a party anthem and we wanted to portray that in the video. We did the video on almost literally no budget. David Jordan, was Director and Drummer at the same time. He planned the whole thing and really put it into action, which I was very impressed by. He and I have a very ambitious business attitude when it comes to the band, and I think that’s gotten us places and will continue to do so. I would have to say my favorite part was the premiere. There was alot of hype coming from all directions, so it was killer to see our hard work really catch fire and pay off. We plan to fully utilize the power of the internet on our road to success, and this is just the beginning.

 Erik:  I understand you will be releasing your first full length CD in January. Can you tell me a little about the record, and what we can expect from the band?

 Tommy:  That’s right! We’ve been working on the thing for far too long, so it’ll be a weight off our shoulders once we do. We’re actually planning on releasing the album for FREE download from our website. The way we see it, it’s our best bet at gaining the exposure we need to really take off. The guys and I really tried not to re write the same song 10 times, and I think it shows. We’ve got lots of variety, from the sleazy gutter-grooves of “Lethal Addiction” to the melodic, acoustic jam “Misery Loves Company”. There’s definitely something for everyone on this album.

 Erik:  I have to ask: I was born and raised in an era of sleaze rock and the whole hair metal scene. Obviously, the whole scene was pushed into pockets when the early 90’s spawned the Seattle effect? What were your biggest influences in wanting to play music of this sort? Also, in what point of your youth, did you realize this was the correct musical path for you?

Tommy: I found my way into some Motley Crue through skateboarding, and from there it just snowballed. What really appeals to me about this style is just how excessive and decadent every aspect is. When I think of a Rockstar, I think of a larger than life, almost “Super Hero” figure. That’s what the rockers of that time period were. It was the golden age of Rock N’ Roll. All bases were covered, the look, the music, the stage production and the message. It’s about having a good time, partying and getting laid. It’s a shame that everyone forgot about that when grunge took over with it’s pessimistic attitude. So we’re trying to remind a new generation what Rock N’ Roll oughta stand for! Good times, good music, and good parties!

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