Dopapod releases new album ‘Drawn Onward’

Dopapod’s second album Drawn Onward was released on Christmas Day for free on their website as a present to their fans who wanted a little something funky while they opened up their presents. The album is a gift to the fans and represents a shift in their sound from electronic to slightly funkier sound with a strong dance groove carrying throughout the album. The quartet is touring the Northeast in February, then down to Florida and working their way up the coast before returning for more shows up north as well as the upcoming festival season.

Produced by Eli Walker, Dave Brandwein (Galaxy Smith), and Dopapod and recorded at The Bunker Studio Brooklyn, NY, Drawn Onward retains the live Dopapod sound but presents a more danceable album than their last release I saw live Dopapod evil was I. Throughout the album you may find yourself grooving to the music, moving to the beat in your car or during your workout, all while absorbing a fluid collection of their latest road-tested recordings

The album starts off with Turnin Knobs, a dancey, 70s style funk number straight out of Boogie Nights followed by Black and White with its climactic keys and drums. Nuggy Jawson has a sense of Umphrey’s McGee and Billy Joel grandeur as the song builds into an early 80s prog rock crescendo. French Bowling is woven with an underlying classical composition, akin to a Beethoven theme throughout with a fierce bass line punctuating the track. Onionhead is a highlight, centering on house music in the vein of Bisco with strong keys, drums and bass accentuated by a ripping guitar leading the melody. Roid Rage bring a few horns into the mix, a welcome addition to the band’s sound and results in a very involving and layered number which requires a second listen to catch all that they put into this track. Bats in the Cave has a jazzy, 70s style funkability, providing a full album of dance tracks that will assuredly be played with great improvisation in the coming tour.

You can download the album for free at and pick up a hard copy of the CD for $10.

Catch them at Jillians in Albany on Thursday, February 16th.

Key tracks: Turnin knobs, French Bowling, Onionhead

Watch the video for French Bowling.
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Dopapod – French Bowling from curtis peel. on Vimeo.