Red Jumpsuit Apparatus invades SUNY Canton; talks latest release, and determination

“How could you possibly want to stay in the same place forever?!” vocalist Ronnie Winter says securely about the progression of his career. “No band ever recreates their first album. It’s just not possible.”  Drummer Kris Comeaux assertively adds. Ascertaining resurrection, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has exceeded all circumspection in the release of “Am I the Enemy”.   Reconnecting with their melodic roots and driven sentiments, I found myself falling in love all over again with a band that had all but perished.  Mesmerized I worked my way through the track listing; I found an array of genres displaying this bands adaptability and loyalty to their vision.

Restfully sitting adjacent to me I found myself encompassed by the definition of musicianship. “There are people who don’t like me, and they don’t like my band, because I’m not afraid to tell people exactly how it is…” Ron appreciatively speaks “That’s how everybody I know is.  But that is not how everybody else in the industry is. I’m not out to make friends, I’m out to make great music, and communicate with people who can be honest with themselves. “. And that is exactly the passion and drive you can expect to receive from this band within albums and live performances.

Swimming in an industry plagued with repetition and deception, Red Jumpsuit put their foot straight through the floor in making their position known and clear they are here for the long run. “When you’re home you want to be on the road, and when you’re on the road you just want to be home. I need to wake up and reach out every day. This is it. It’s your calling and you can’t ignore it.” Kris, adamant in his conviction speaks.  Destined and fortuitous you cannot help but absorb the atmosphere and energy surrounding you in the presence of this band.  Freeing themselves from the major label confines Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has a liberated disposition and the weaponry of creativity at hand.  Musically unable to be defined by one specific message; “I write about anything and everything…write it exactly how you feel it” Ron states about being the primary song writer of the band.  When asked if the coming and going of members had an effect on the sound he replies; “The way you hear the (new members play) it changes the way you write.”

Shifting positions, I brought forth the question of cause. Having gained massive notoriety for their song “Face Down”, which was about the tumultuous childhood both Ronnie and Randy endured, this band set out on a mission to be more than musicians. Ron looks down at his To Write Love on Her Arms shirt proudly. “…we never really stopped; just the first time got a lot of press. We get emails every day from people who reach out to us daily”. Taking the time to read and respond to as many fans as possible, Red Jumpsuit never lost sight of what was truly important to them. Renewed with a sense of determination and self-worth this band breathes into the atmosphere, I situated myself on stage left, ready to experience what has to become Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Screaming, adoring, bright eyed fans lined the gymnasium. Delivering a powerful performance of a mixture of their three releases, you will not be disappointed. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is primed to remain a fixture in this industry.  You can purchase their latest release “Am I The Enemy” through Itunes, and you can check out the bands facebook at:

-Christine Palmer

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