Biscuits and Eggs: The Brownstein Family Band Serve up the Jams in Albany

It was fun for the whole family as members of The Disco Biscuits and Eggy, along with up-and-coming jammers Dysfunktone, converged at in Albany to bring the party to the people on Friday, June 28. Playing the third gig of the Brownstein Family Band’s first multi-show run, it didn’t take long before the bona fide family reunion escalated into an all-out dance party.

Featuring familiar tunes, choice covers and a whole lot of smiles and sweat, it was the kind of night that made you feel lucky to be alive and that you were in the right place at the right time.

Marc, Jake and Zach Brownstein performing as The Brownstein Family Band in Albany on 6/28/24.

Conceived almost by accident when someone backstage at Biscoland 2023 suggested the idea of getting everyone named ‘Brownstein’ together to form a supergroup, less than a year later, that pipe dream has become a full-fledged reality. Consisting of the Disco Biscuits bassist Marc Brownstein and his son Zach Brownstein on drums, the band also features Eggy bandmates Jake Brownstein on guitar and Dani Battat on keyboards. 

Now collectively known as The Brownstein Family Band, the high-profile side project blazed a trail over the Northeast with four shows that will have people talking for years to come.

Dysfunktone kicked things off at Lark Hall on 6/28/24.

Opening the night at Lark Hall with an energetic set full of groove-based improv was Long Island rockers Dysfunktone. Commanding your attention from the opening riffs, the impressive young quartet dazzled with proficiency and technicality.  Made up of Rob Meza on guitar and keys, Alex Gallina on bass, Brandon Hanna on guitar, and Dakota Henry on drums, the band wasted no time going dank and deep.

After kicking off with a 14-minute rendition of “Strawberry Cough,” Dysfunktone easily won the crowd over with stellar versions of “Medusa’s Myth,” “Circadian Rhythms,” and an epic 18 minute ride through “Feelin’ Time” that contained clear Aqueous teases throughout. A band that is destined to become a force in the Northeast jam scene for years to come, be sure to keep an eye out for them and thank us later. After a brief intermission, the Brownstein Family Band soon assembled on stage around 9:30pm.

The Brownstein Family Band performing at Lark Hall on 6/28/24.

Properly paying homage to a mutual musical hero, Jerry Garcia, the Brownstein Family Band opened their set with colorful cover of “Let It Rock.”  Setting the tone for the exciting evening to come, Steve Miller Band’s “Take the Money and Run” would give way to the first original song of the set in Eggy’s “One Stop Shop.” Pausing for a moment to address the audience, Marc Brownstein (AKA Brownie) would claim the Lark Hall crowd was the most welcoming and energetic so far on this run. Peering at them through a pair of gnarly green shades, he’d go on to say that because “they were having so much fun, they’re going to ditch the set break and keep the jams flowing.”

Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits performing with The Brownstein Family Band on 6/28/24.

Dropping back into the music with the beloved Disco Biscuits original “M.E.M.P.H.I.S.” the band seamlessly dithered into the psychedelic territory of the Beatles classic “Tomorrow Never Know” with vocals courtesy of keyboardist Dani (pronounced Donny) Battat. The crowd got extra excited for its follow up, another cherished Jerry Garcia tune, “Cats Under the Stars.”

Providing a perfect platform for Eggy’s axe-man Jake to show off his incredible chops, the song effortlessly segued into the timeless “Tangled Up in Blue” which had everyone singing along in unison.

Eggy’s Jake Brownstein performing with The Brownstein Family Band on 6/28/24.

Another Eggy original tune was up next in the form of “All Wheel’s Turnin’,” before the Brownstein Family Band surprised us all with a cover of Donovan’s “Barabajagal.”  Pausing once again for a few words, Brownie would speak from the heart, commenting how great it was to be playing with these young and hungry lions, while also acknowledging just how great of songwriters Jake and Dani really are.

Like any proud dad, he would also give major props to his son, Zach, for holding it down on the drum kit, watching him not only grow into a great drummer, but a professional one and noting that it’s “a true joy to be sharing the stage with him.” The sappy sentiment continued next with an emotional rendition of the Grateful Dead’s “They Love Each Other” that had all the feels and was perhaps the overall highlight of the night.  After “Confrontation” left Lark Hall begging for more, the band would return to the stage for one final tune.

Zach Brownstein performing with The Brownstein Family Band on 6/28/24.

With things going so well, Dani would joke about how their still trying to figure out a way to have some Brownstein family drama. Marc would quickly interject and say, “We’re only 4 show in. It’s coming.  Believe me, I’ve been around for a long time. The drama is coming and this song is our redemption.”  The Brownstein Family Band would then close the show with an emphatic and euphoric rendition of the Eggy original “Golden Gate Dancer,” bringing another stellar night of music at Lark Hall to a memorable close.

Eggy’s Dani Battat performing with The Brownstein Family Band in Albany on 6/28/24.

After wrapping up this brief run of shows the following night in Bridgeport, CT, it’s unknown when the Brownstein Family Band will perform their next gig.

With The Disco Biscuits set to host their second annual Biscoland in LaFayette’s Wonderland Forest over the 4th of July holiday and Eggy heading west to make their Red Rocks debut and play a handful of high profile festivals through the month of July, it’s shaping up to be a busy summer ahead for both of these talented and charismatic bands. What we do know for certain is that when this fun loving collaboration happens again, you don’t want to miss it.

Brownstein Family Band | June 6, 2024 | Lark Hall | Albany, NY

Setlist: Let It Rock, Take the Money and Run, One Stop Shop, M.E,M.P.H.I.S.  > Tomorrow Never Knows, Cats Under The Stars > Tangled Up In Blue, All Wheels Turning, Barabajagal, They Love Each Other, Confrontation

Encore: Golden Gate Dancer Redemption

Dysfunktone | June 6, 2024 | Lark Hall | Albany, NY

Setlist: Strawberry Cough, Siren’s Song > Medusa’s Myth, Circadian Rhythms, Feelin’ Time.

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