Music is Art Festival Moves to Buffalo’s Outer Harbor

Organizers for Buffalo’s Music is Art festival have announced the event’s relocation to the Outer Harbor. This move is the second time the festival has changed venues this year. The concert will take place on Saturday, September 21st.

The 2024 Music is Art poster

The Music is Art festival began in 2003 in North Buffalo. Led by Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac, the festival board has continually worked with volunteers and local organizations to hold the event. Since its start, Music is Art’s goal has been to “encourage people to find their musical voice [and] think about how music touches their lives.”

Previously, Buffalo Riverworks and the neighboring Riverfest Park had hosted the festival. However, in early Spring 2024, the festival organizers announced that the festival would return to North Buffalo. This move had the Buffalo AKG and Buffalo State University hosting. Despite initial enthusiasm for this move, issues quickly began to arise.

In an Instagram post, Takac announced “After months of planning, Music is Art Festival organizers and AKG staff have agreed that too many challenges stand in the way of presenting our annual music festival on the grounds of Buffalo’s AKG and Buffalo State University without compromising the energy and character of the event.”

As a result of these challenges, the Music is Art festival will move to Buffalo’s Outer Harbor. The Outer Harbor hosts Buffalo’s newest concert venue Terminal B, as well as a large lakeside lawn to hold concerts. Despite the change of venue, the festival organizers will continue to work with the AKG and BSU to showcase local artists. With this change in location, festival organizers are “filled with excitement and anticipation for what this year’s festival will bring.”

The Outer Harbor will host Music is Art on Saturday, September 21st from 11am-11pm. Across its 17 acres, the festival will host 26 concert stages with over 200 performers. The artist lineup has not yet been announced. In addition to musical performance, the festival will also feature visual artists, food trucks, local vendors, and more. These activities ensure MIA’s mission of being “a beacon of artistic expression and a truly inclusive cultural gathering in Buffalo showcasing the vibrant energy and diverse talents of the local and regional art and music scene” as per executive director Tracy Fletcher.

Admission for Music is Art is free for all guests. Additionally there will be both free and paid parking options, shuttle services, and bike accommodations. To learn more, visit the Music is Art website here.

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