Hearing Aide: Buggy Jive “Hurry Up Please It’s Time”

Buggy Jive, the reclusive but momentum building groovester out of Upstate New York, is dripping with originality. Coming off of a white hot 2023 (Including an NPR shoutout, two Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards, a Macy Gray opening slot, and much more),

Mr. Jive has cooked up a 12 song showcase worthy of a glance from a wider audience, titled, Hurry Up Please It’s Time

Buggy Jives tells a relevant story with this fisheye album art fronting "Hurry Up Please It's Time"

Opening with “Monsters Write Pretty Songs,” Buggy immediately announces “Good luck,” with a thickly stacked vocal on top of the meandering rhythm guitar that jolts and grabs attention. The crispy blend of gospel and Doobie-esque backing vocals weave a soft takeoff before eventually punching the opening notes of “Scheherazade of Schenectady.” The first single off the record is appropriately verbose, as it touches on principles of fiction writing and brings up the heat after the smooth opener.

Relaxedly defiant, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job,” hints of the prog influence to come later in both “The Music is Beside the Point,” and “The Calendar is a Liar.” Distorted and stanky, the song that garnered the NPR shoutout from Bob Boilen and Bobby Carter somehow still gives front porch rocking chair vibes while hiding a middle finger attitude behind a content and fulfilled smile.

In “Another Song I Ain’t Allowed to Sing,” Buggy Jive offers reminders of his emotional range and musical intent while slowing down the pace, but featuring right-up-front lead vocals and an ocean of harmonies that keep the energy flowing. This range and intent returns in spades on “Autumn Is Burning.” The mid-album walking groove breaks out major key on a bridge change that feels like a full breath after the intentionally dark verse progression. While “Old Man Screams at Sky,” hits more like a barnhouse dance party than gospel groove, those dynamic controls and natural chord voicings remain steady and present.

“Ignore Them Fools,” and “Alpha the Beta,” both ooze confidence, with the former feeling like a class in session and the latter like a player on the field in action. “Alien Robot Love Song About Love,” and “Hurry Up Please It’s Time,” the final two tracks of the album, lay heavy wet grooves that drag the listener deep into the songwriters’ pocket lyrically and musically.

The entire work displays an adventurous attitude as a musician and a deep sensibility surrounding vocals that act as an homage to his influences, both perceived and expressed. Buggy Jive took a big swing on this record, and his dedication and emotion are both easily seen and felt throughout.

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