A Boogie wit da Hoodie Releases 5th Studio Album ‘Better off Alone’

New York City’s preeminent hit-maker A Boogie returns with Better off Alone, his first full-length project since 2022’s Me vs Myself. This latest 21-track LP sees the Bronx native interpolate his melodic raps with a new wave of production much akin to the new “sexy drill” phenomenon that has become prominent in the New York City landscape, going away from the slower paced samples that have become something of a staple for the Grammy-nominated rapper. After all the “Man in the Mirror” rapper, best known for his lovesick croons, continues to find ways to put a twist to his songwriting style that has made him unique in New York City hip hop lore known for their machismo. In like manner, A Boogie recruits three distinct features in Future, Lil Durk, Young Thug and Cash Cobain that also walk the line between rap braggadocio and emotional vulnerability.

Cover art for A Boogie's latest album
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie releases his 5th studio album

A Boogie – Better Off Alone

And while Better off Alone contains plenty of introspective A Boogie, with rumors of trouble between A Boogie and his longtime girlfriend preceding the album, it seems the project and its contents have been in the works very much in advance as all three records from his 2023 mixtape B4 BOA made the final cut. Thus “Did Me Wrong,” “Her Birthday” and “Booby Trap” all served as initial promotional singles for his latest effort, with “Her Birthday” standing out as a classic lovesick A Boogie track, followed by a similarly themed music video.

To cap off the album’s release, A Boogie brought popular podcast due Gillie and Wallo (Millions Dollarz Worth of Game) to the Bronx for an authentic, New York inner-city vibe. With A Boogie bringing his crew and a Lamborghini to the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx. Notably, Boogie even shouts out Gillie on “No More Questions” rapping, “In my city they treat me like Gillie in Philly.”

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