Totten Bridge Releases Powerful New Single, “Seasons Change”

Rising Pop-Rock artist Totten Bridge pulls on fans’ heartstrings with his latest single, “Seasons Change.” Motivated by the loss of his mother, the New York artist drew inspiration from Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird.”

Times of difficulty have been a catalyst of inspiration for Totten Bridge, whose career began during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Defying categorization, the NYC-based artist draws inspiration from Alt-Pop, infused with folk, EDM, and American Heartland influences. Totten Bridge has received critical acclaim from numerous publications, including Clash, Notion, and Earmilk. Totten Bridge’s poetic lyrics explore universal themes of life, love, and in the case of “Seasons Change,” loss.

In the face of grief, “Seasons Change” offers a refreshingly optimistic perspective. Totten Bridge revealed his desire for the song to be a call to action, saying, “I wanted ‘Seasons Change’ to feel powerful and cause someone to… [embrace] change and [overcome] their fears.” “Seasons Change” shifts focus to the future, encouraging listeners to focus on what is to come and overcoming life’s challenges. The infectious beat and anthemic chorus promises listeners “long winding roads will lead the way”.

The influence of Fleetwood Mac is apparent in the personal lyrics and strong message. Speaking to universal experiences of love and loss, Totten Bridge successfully resonates with listeners’ emotions. The driving beat and gripping chorus draw listeners in and demand full attention. Change is one of the few certainties in life, and “Seasons Change” empathizes with fear while encouraging optimism.

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