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Juneteenth: Sorrow turned Conviction

While the public celebrates Juneteenth in what is now the halfway point of a roller coaster year, it is important to note the true history behind why we celebrate. The day’s significance isn’t to recognize the end of slavery. Rather, June

Eight Songs of Racial Protest

Music has the power to bring people together in the name of solidarity. Through out protest history, there have always been songs to aide in carrying the cries for social justice. Protest music came into mainstream popularity during the

Happy Birthday, Ghostface Killah!

Staten Island's own, and at one point a member of the FBI's most wanted list, Denis Coles aka Ghostface Killah was born in 1970 in one of New York City's most often overlooked borough, Staten Island. May 9th marks his 50th birthday. He

Hearing Aide: B. Chaps ‘Clips’

I really have nothing bad to say about B. Chaps’ debut album, Clips, which released April 18, 2018. In fact, when I first turned it on, I was surprised at how much I liked it straight out of the gate. I love music more than anything,…

Hearing Aide: Ozymandias ‘Godly’

“I won’t stop until they put me in the earth” and “I’m here to bring a vibe,” Ozymandias says on his newest album, Godly, released March 30, 2018. These two lines could be the spoken synopsIs of the 14-track album which follows up on…