Dave East & Vado Release ‘Deniro & Pesci’ With New Album On The Way

Two of Harlem‘s finest — Dave East and Vado — have graced the hip hop world with a new single. “Deniro & Pesci” is the latest record from 2/3 of hip hop collective “The Council” (which includes Dave East, Lloyd Banks and Vado). The ominously themed record is an ode to the lifestyles of mobsters James Conway and Tommy DeVito portrayed by Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci from one of hip hop’s most referenced films, Goodfellas.

Dave East and Vado single cover art,

In like manner, Vado and Dave East metaphorically reference the film and other famous mobsters. For instance, East begins the song with an introspective recounting of his rough upbringing that inspired his hustler mindset. Similarly to how Goodfellas begins with the telling of Henry Hill’s youth. Meanwhile, Vado juxtaposes Dave East, playing the role of the fully realized hustler. For his part, Vado’s verse is full of vivid imagery, whether it be intimate hustler tales, or stories of lavish expenditures. Together, the duo captures the evolvement from impressionable youth to “goodfella” as well the surrounding factors that play a role.

Best Lyric

With a vision like Bugsy, I’m Warren Beaty inspired, or like LL, standing at the crowd at Supreme Team party with murderers all around. Kingpins on stage, reppin’ the seven crowds. Analyzing they style, wishing that I was down.

– Vado, “Deniro & Pesci”

Album On The Way

Meanwhile, “Deniro & Pesci” serves as a prelude to the duo’s forthcoming collaborative album set for release in the first quarter of 2024. Dave East’s last EP Fortune Favors the Bold was released in July, while Vado dropped V-Day 4 in May. This will be their second joint-project together following 2017’s It’s Harlem, hosted by DJ Kay Slay.

V and I have been locked in for the longest, that’s family, it’s only right we team and up do something for the town. 

-Dave East

2/3 of The Council are back with more heat, and just wait until we drop the album  

– Vado

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