Hearing Aide: MVW and Valee Bring VALEEDATION To the Rap Game

MVW and Valee have combined their idiosyncratic styles to bring about their latest avant-garde endeavor, VALEEDATION. The join-effort sees the duo make good on years of collaborations, with their like-minded approach bringing the best out of one another. The 14-track project — exclusively produced by MVW — offers a minimal yet expressive approach to hip hop. Moreover, in a boisterous genre, Valee and MVW present themselves through a colorful-yet subtle hue.

Valee (left) & MVW (right) bring Valeedation to the game

After all, Valee’s unconventional style and infectious energy, along with his distinctive lyrical delivery and unwavering commitment to artistic exploration has led to his own niche existence within a fickle music indutry. Meanwhile, MVW’s expertise in contemporary classical composition is showcased as he weaves together intricate musical arrangements. All in all, their unique blend of classical-trap music is part of the connection they’ve developed through their shared artistic vision.


“The music feels like scenes in a movie more than tracks on an album, highlighted by different lighting on a thematic, subtle vibe. There is this sense of installation.”

Ultimately, VALEEDATION serves as another installment in the series that is MVW’s hip hop voyage. Notably going away from contemporary rap music’s in-your-face production style — where the beats usually outshine the artist — MVW has countered with a a more subtle, complementary style. Since embarking on his hip hop journey in the fall of 2021, the former classic composer has featured a myriad of rappers on his classical-trap beats. However, none have quite meshed with his musical ethos quite like the Chicago-bred Valee.

Comparatively, his own musical exploits have seen the former Good Music signee depart from mainstream conventions. Rather, he immerses himself in innovative aesthetics that challenge the status quo. This avant-garde approach serves as a guiding beacon for MVW. In effect, VALEEDATION offers hip hop fans a unique lens through which to navigate uncharted territories in music.

Another key point is the continuation of MVW and Valee’s symbiotic musical relationship. With this latest effort serving as the final stamp of approval in MVW’s hip hop passport. Through 14 unique records, the duo charter through a wave of unexplored, genre-bending possibilities. Record like “Tailor Swift” and “Could Be” offer an alternative, unsaturated production style, which Valee does his best to command. All the same, songs like “Pistachio” and “Yo Yo” see the duo share the stage between MVW’s spacey prodcutions and Valee’s colorful metaphors and one-liners. Overall, the album follows a theme of internal dichotomy between conventional ear-catching tunes versus unconventional beats and flows that challenges the microwave music consumption of today.

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