Recording Studios in New York City

Lounge Studios in New York City is an 11-room multimedia facility specializing in Music, Film, Photography, Podcasts, and TV Production. Their services include audio recording, live instrument and vocal tracking, audio mixing, audio mastering, Atmos mixing and mastering, music production, podcasting, live video streaming, ADR, photo studio rental, and TV show production. Established in 2003, Lounge Studios houses some of the finest recording, photo, and video gear available and is home to the finest recording and mixing engineers in the music business. Each of the eleven Lounges has been meticulously designed for the most comfortable atmosphere and highest quality. From 2013 – 2016 Lounge Studios served as the East Coast Recording Studio Headquarters for Atlantic Records and Warner Chappelle. Significantly, Carly Rae Jepsen recorded her third studio album, Emotion (2015) at Lounge Studios.

Lounge Studios is owned by Walter Randall, and his goal is to make sure independent recording artists can create in the same high-quality and inspirational environments as their major label counterparts. From the biggest budget to the smallest budget, Randall has always tried to curate a studio that worked financially for everyone. He wants the people who started their journey to destiny with a little money and a lot of passion, like himself, to be able to achieve their dreams.

The Throne Room Photography and Video Studio at Lounge.
The Pyramid Video Studio at Lounge.
The Ivory Lounge at Lounge Studios in New York City.
The Vanilla Sky Lounge at Lounge Studios in New York City.
The Brown Sugar Lounge at Lounge Studios in New York City.
The Ebony Lounge at Lounge Studios in New York City.

Soundproof Studios was founded by two brothers, Jairo Martinez and Gerald Rodriguez, born and raised in New York City who decided to use their musical and carpentry talents to build a professional recording studio in Uptown Washington Heights. The studio’s services include vocal recording, drum tracking, instrument tracking, band recordings, mixing, and mastering services. Soundproof has two studios, A and B, available for use by artists.

Gerald Rodriguez, left, and Jairo Martinez, right, owners of Soundproof Studios in New York City.
Studio A at Soundproof Studios in New York City.
Studio B at Soundproof Studios in New York City.

Smash Performance and Production Studios in New York City, first opened in 1989, empowers artists to not only perform at the highest quality, but to also record, rehearse, showcase, shoot, and so much more through various recording, video production, podcast, and educational services, and additionally offers rental events and spaces. Originally located in the heart of Chelsea, in 2001 Smash Studios relocated and expanded to West 36th Street (its present location) on the 18th floor. In 2019, Smash Studios expanded once again to the 17th floor, solely dedicated to production with the original 18th-floor studios now dedicated to performance.

With over 30 years in business, Smash Studios is one of the largest performance and production studios on the East Coast. Spanning 14,000 square feet, the performance and production facilities consist of twenty-one studios, including two professional Control Rooms, one Live Room Studio on the 17th floor, one outstanding Podcast Studio for Audio and Video Production, four premier Production Suites for Long Term Rental, three expansive “Showcase Suites”, four premier “Elite Studios”, four comprehensive “Standard Studios”, and two Private Teaching Studios.

Production Studios at Smash feature state-of-the-art and sought-after vintage equipment. Performance Studios are outfitted with professional backlines, comprised of products from endorsers like Hartke, Neumann, Sabian, Sennheiser, Yamaha, and Sling Studios, among others.

Over the years, Smash has been featured on TV shows including MTV’s Making the Band. The Village Voice, a news and culture magazine based in New York City in operation from 1955-2017, voted it “Best Studio in New York” and Mix Magazine has dubbed it, “Best of the East”. Close enough to be in Madison Square Garden’s shadow, Smash remains New York City’s epicenter for entertainment.

In every way, Smash Studios has focused its intent for over three decades, which as Founder and Owner Clay Sheff affirms: “Our goals have never changed, it all comes down to helping facilitate clients’ ability to bring their creative visions to life, hone their performances skills, and most of all achieve success.”

Smash CEO/Owner Clay Sheff is a producer, engineer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, who emphasizes quality for every nuance of the business and the art. An alum of Boston University, he studied music at the School of Management and The School of Fine Arts. After graduating he performed in several popular bands as lead vocalist, including the critically acclaimed band, Wonderland. At age twenty-five, while still singing in bands, he created Smash Studios at its original location in Chelsea. Quickly becoming in high demand, Smash expanded to include Gallery Recording Studios soon after.

Sheff says “My first goal is always to keep making Smash the best it can be. I also try to approach the studio and all of its respective endeavors from a musician’s perspective,” he leaves off. “I think about what I would want as a musician myself, and I aim to always deliver that concept. I listen to our clients, because I want them to have a productive experience at every moment they are here, with a productive vibe that’s upheld by the space, staff, equipment, and everything under our roof.”

Clay Sheff, owner, CEO, and founder of Smash Studios in New York City.
Stage 1 at Smash Studios in New York City.
Stage 2 at Smash Studios in New York City.
Stage 3 at Smash Studios in New York City.
Elite Studio A at Smash Studios in New York City.
Elite Studio B at Smash Studios in New York City.
Elite Studio C at Smash Studios in New York City.
Elite Studio D at Smash Studios in New York City.
Studio G at Smash Studios in New York City.
Studio H at Smash Studios in New York City.
Studio I at Smash Studios in New York City.
Studio K at Smash Studios in New York City.

Penthouse Recording Studios is one of the top recording studios in New York City, steeped in rich music history, having hosted many of the top entertainers in the world since the 1960s. Among the significant musicians that have recorded at Penthouse, Pop Smoke recorded his debut album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon (2020) at the studio. Significantly, it is the last music building on what was once the historic Music Row in Midtown. Penthouse’s services include recording, mixing, and mastering, songwriting, production, and original composition, photo, and video production, and event and showcase spaces.

Penthouse Recording Studios in New York City.

Music Goals Recording and Production Studio in Midtown Manhattan happily supports indie songwriters, singers, rappers, and producers. Their engineers have years of experience recording, mixing, and mastering music. They can also produce custom instrumentals based on artists’ needs, and guide them in the recording booth to piece together the vocal production needed to finish a record. Whether you need a custom beat, or help to complete your single, album, or EP, Music Goals is the perfect collaborative environment for any artist. Music Goals has two rooms, the Executive Room and the A Room, available for use by musicians.

The equipment in the Executive Room includes Avalon VT-737sp and Warm Audio WA273-EQ preamps, Kali Audio LP-6 2-Way 6.5″ and Kali Audio IN-8 3-Way Powered Studio Monitors, 8″ monitors, an Orion 32 interface, a Neumann TLM-49 microphone, an Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar. Outboard gear in the executive room consists of a Burl Audio Vancouver, Klark Teknik EQP-KT Program Equalizer, Tegeler Audio Bus Compressor, and a Mastering Equalizer. The A Room’s equipment includes a Focusrite ISA430 and Audient ASP800 -Channel Microphone Preamp, Adam Audio A7X-Pair, and Genelec 8032 Pair with Subwoofer monitors, Orion 32 HD and Apogee Ensemble interfaces, microphones, an Epiphone electro-acoustic guitar, pearl 5 piece drum set, and a Zildjian Custom A Cymbal and Hi-Hat Set. Outboard gear in the A Room consists of avid artist mix faders and a warm audio WA-2A leveling amplifier.

Music Goals Recording and Production Studio in Midtown Manhattan.

Jambox Entertainment Studios in Chelsea, midtown Manhattan, just 2 blocks from Penn Station Madison Square Garden, is a Black and female-owned business offering professional audio and sound recording, mixing, mastering, music restoration, video services, and more. For over twenty-five years, Jambox has been providing clients with the highest-quality sound recordings and audio services. Jambox is co-owned by Lee Evans and Cathy Palminsano.

Lee Evans (LeRoi Evans) is a Gold Album/award-winning Producer/Songwriter/Engineer/Musician, and a long-time veteran with over 30 years of background in the music industry. As a child, Evans wrote, arranged, played piano, and sang for the young harmony group “The Fourth Edition” a group that went on to win amateur night at the Apollo six times, sharing the stage with the likes of Michael Jackson, James Brown, and other legends. After attending such notable schools as The High School Of Music and Art in New York City and the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio, Evans set out on his musical life journey.

In his early years, he performed with and frequently led top recording acts such as “The Jimmy Castor Bunch” “Brass Construction” The Force MDs, “New Edition” “Afrikaa Bambaataa”, “Willie Colon” “Johnny Gill” “Kleer” “Bionic Boogie” “Joe Simon” and“The Coasters”. Locally, Evans did a stint as the house band keyboard player, backing up notable artists such as Johnny Kemp, Melissa Morgan, and Keith Sweat. As a songwriter/producer and recording engineer, Evans’s many accomplishments include his work with singers Marc Anthony in the early stages of his career, Cindi Lauper, Harry Belafonte, The Force MDs, Brass Construction, Afrika Bambaataa, and a long list of dance Hip Hop and Latin freestyle favorites from the ’80s and early ’90s.

Lee Evans, Co-Owner, Founder, and CEO/Studio Director of Jambox Entertainment Studios in Chelsea.

In 1992, Cathy Palmisano became Co-Owner and Administrative Director of Jambox Entertainment Studios and has remained instrumental in managing, developing, and consulting the careers of chart-topping artists and television personalities. In 2006, she co-founded 4SIGHT Music Productions which went on to produce the classic album “Year Of The Cowboy” by NYC Times Square Icon, The Naked Cowboy, which went on to have a television debut on MTV. Palmisano started and currently directs the educational careers internship program at Jambox, which has helped 100s of young interns find direction for their careers and is considered “a top recording studio in the metropolitan area” by industry professionals due to her efforts and accomplishments.

Cathy Palmisano, co-owner and administrative director of Jambox Entertainment Studios in Chelsea.

Jambox has three rooms available for artists’ use, Studio A, the Blue Room, and the C-LAB. Studio A is the premier recording studio at Jambox and has developed into one of the best-sounding studio facilities in New York City, catering to some of the top acts in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dance Rap, Gospel, Rock, Acoustic, Opera, Classical, and Club/Dance music. Outfitted with some of the best analog and digital gear available, Studio A is perfect for music recording, voice-overs, audio-book recording, video editing, mixing, CD and Audio Mastering, celebrity interviews, and various types of audio work. Studio A started as Jambox’s first and only recording room.

Studio A at Jambox Entertainment Studios in Chelsea.

The Blue Room at Jambox has become a huge favorite amongst hip-hop, r&b, and pop clientele. The Blue Room’s Features include various synths and sound modelers, microphones, signal processors, software, computers, and audio monitors.

The Blue Room at Jambox Entertainment Studios in New York City.

The C-LAB is a go-to room for solo session work, low-cost demo recording, and editing for the solo artist, as well as music and media transfers, and more. Hardware in the C-LAB includes Apple Custom Quad Core 2.4 GHz 10.6.8, TC Electronics M-1 Multi-Effects Processor, APOGEE Audio Interface, MOTU 2408 Ensemble Digital Audio Interface, and MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV. Software in the C-LAB includes Digidesign ProTools, MOTU Digital Performer, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Reason/Waves Platinum/ Komplete 7. The C-LAB is also equipped with microphones such as Neumann TLM103, AKG 414B TLII, Apogee Ensemble Audio Interface, and Warm Audio WA251.

The C-LAB at Jambox Entertainment Studios in New York City.

Manhattan Beach Recording is a cutting-edge recording studio and a musical hub where musicians and artists can connect. Manhattan Beach offers recording, mixing, and production services and caters to all audio needs. The studio has five rooms available to artists, studios A, B, and C, and Writers Rooms 1 and 2.

With an oversized live room, two iso booths, a private lounge, and a control room, Studio A is Manhattan Beach’s largest room. With its big window, providing bright daylight, the control room in Studio A offers a 32-channel all-discrete API console with an extensive selection of outboard gear. The live room also has a great array of instruments and backlines.

The layout of Studio A at Manhattan Beach Recording.

Studio B offers a large overdub booth as well as a private lounge. The oversized control room provides plenty of daylight and is equipped with a surround setup and a great selection of outboard gear.

The layout of Studio B at Manhattan Beach Recording.

Studio C is a budget-friendly room equipped with a vocal booth and solid mixing capacities. 

The layout of Studio C at Manhattan Beach Recording.

Sear Sound in New York City is run by owner Walter Sear, manager Roberta Findlay, and chief engineer Chris Allen. Sear Sound was one of the studios in which the rock band All Time Low recorded their fourth studio album, 2011’s Dirty Work. The studio has four recording rooms available for artists’ use, studios A, B, C, and D.

Studio A at Sear Sound in New York City.
Studio C at Sear Sound in New York City.
Studio D at Sear Sound in New York City.

Raven Recording in Midtown Manhattan offers recording, mixing, and mastering services to musicians, utilizing a 1,000-square-foot space. The control room at Raven Recording features an SSL XL-Desk, Lynx Aurora AD/DA converters, and enough workspace for a full creative team. The control room is wired to two rooms; Live Room A, a full-size recording room for full ensembles and loud recordings, and Live Room B, an intimate space for voiceover and podcast recording. The waiting room and lounge at Raven Recording overlooks the Hudson River.

The Control Room at Raven Recording in Midtown Manhattan.
The Mapex drumset in the live room at Raven Recording in Midtown Manhattan.
The Lounge at Raven Recording in Midtown Manhattan.

Pull Music and Sound Studio in New York City is committed to authenticity and has earned a reputation for high standards and creativity, so much so that many of today’s top producers have trusted the studio as an inspiring environment for collaboration and recording. The studio creates everything in-house, from start to finish. Pull’s philosophy is simple: quality over quantity. They’re not interested in churning out generic music that feels like everything you hear on the radio. Instead, Pull takes the time to understand clients’ vision, and works collaboratively with them to create unique music that every artist can be proud of.

Pull Music and Sound Studio in New York City.

In New York City, 6/8 Recording Studios offers live music rehearsal and audio/video recording and editing in a Great East Village location, by appointment. All rooms at 6/8 are fully equipped with Pearl Drums and Zildjian cymbals, keyboards, guitar and bass amps, PAs, and microphones. The studio’s guitar and bass amps include Fender Twin (3)Vintage, Marshall (6) MusicMan, Roland Jazz Chorus (3) Dr.Z Maserati, Ampeg and Peavey Bass amps, Shure and Audio-Technica vocal Mics, as well as Fender guitars and bass. Recording equipment at 6/8 includes a Universal Audio Apollo8p, U87, Sennheiser 421(5) Shure SM81(2) ,AT4033 (2)  SM57 (4) SM58 (10) NS10 Monitors, and Genelecs.

6/8 Recording Studios in New York City.

GoldHeart Studios in Midtown Manhattan specializes in producing the highest sound quality and radio-ready songs with up-and-coming artists. GoldHeart is owned by multi-platinum engineer and music producer Vince McCartney, who offers engineering, mixing, music production, arranging, and mastering. Whether it be Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Dance, Reggae, or Classical, McCartney has the experience to help you reach the industry standards at a fraction of the cost.

Coming from a musical family, McCartney was surrounded by the top musicians in the Bahamas. His father owned one of the most popular clubs in his hometown of Tarpum Bay, on the island of Eleuthera, and this inspired McCartney to learn how to play multiple instruments, having performed in several bands by the time he reached high school. In 1985, two weeks after his graduation, McCartney landed a job at Compass Point Studios as an assistant engineer. Two years later, he was allowed to engineer his first album (Womack and Womack – Conscience) which sold worldwide and achieved double platinum status. Compass Point promoted McCartney to Chief Engineer after this major accomplishment, which led to a successful career that included many gold, platinum, and multi-platinum awards, eventually opening GoldHeart Studios in 2002 and creating GoldHeart Enterprises.

Supreme Tracks Recording and Production is an online recording studio based in New York City that has every service artists need to produce radio-ready music effortlessly. Services include full song production, musician sessions, orchestra recording, music arrangement, and mixing and mastering. Not only does Supreme Tracks’ online recording studio has every service and style a musician needs to level up their music from amateur to pro effortlessly, but their services are also 100% money-back guaranteed.

Professional music production is often expensive for artists without connections, so much so that the cost of producing music can stunt an artist’s career. Supreme’s business model relies on online collaboration with some of the industry’s top arrangers, producers, and writers. Combining online collaboration with state-of-the-art recording studios gives Supreme the ability to offer musicians the complete package at a lower cost than traditional music production. Despite their service costing less, Supreme does not compromise on quality and hand-picks the best studio musicians for each project. Supreme’s services are built on the idea of offering top quality at prices reasonable enough to accommodate most budgets.

Supreme Tracks has access to top-tier orchestral musicians and recording facilities. The studio can record any orchestral section, in any recording set-up, in just 5-10 days. Supreme’s remote orchestra recording sessions allow artists to finish any project on time, on budget, and in the quality expected from a music pro, such as yourself.

Supreme Tracks has curated engineers that are not only top professionals, but also passionate music lovers that take ownership in every project. Supreme makes sure to give your music a unique vibe and identity that highlights the essence of your music with a quick turnaround. Most master tracks are ready within five to seven days.

Music Makers New York was opened in 1998 and founded by Bob Elliott, who also serves as the studio’s president. Elliot’s vision encompassed a studio that would service all of New York City’s music community. For over 20 years, Music Makers has provided state-of-the-art rehearsal rooms for all musicians, both professional and recreational. Elliot’s great love for music and the joy it brings to so many inspired him to create the Music Makers Method of Instruction, making it possible for everyone to join the Music Makers Community and experience the joy of making music. The Music Programs at Music Makers provide a non-judgmental, supportive environment where everyone can explore their musical aspirations.

Music Makers has four studios available for use by musicians, Jam, Classic, Deluxe, Pro, and The Studio. Jam Studios can accommodate groups of up to three to four people, in either its 11′ x 13′ studio 3 or 9′ x 11′ studio 5. Classic Studios can accommodate groups of up to 6, in its 14′ x 12′ studio 2 or larger 14′ x 15′ studio 2. Deluxe Studios is a spacious rehearsal room for up to 8 people, in either its 16′ x 18′ studio 4 or 17′ x 17′ studio 8. The 18′ x 21 studio 7 or 17′ x 23′ studio 9 at Pro Studios can accommodate up to 12 people.

The 11′ x 13′ Jam Studio 3 at Music Makers New York.
The 9′ x 11′ Jam Studio 5 at Music Makers New York.
The 14′ x 12′ Classic Studio 2 at Music Makers New York.
The 14′ x 15′ Classic Studio 6 at Music Makers New York.
The 16′ x 18′ Deluxe Studio 4 at Music Makers New York.
The 17′ x 17′ Deluxe Studio 8 at Music Makers New York.
The 18′ x 21′ Pro Studio 7 at Music Makers New York.
The 17′ x 23′ Pro Studio 9 at Music Makers New York.

The studio is Music Makers’ flagship performance space that can accommodate groups of up to 20 people in its 17′ x 37′ space. The studio is perfect for live music and record label showcases, intimate concerts, musical theater, recording, video and photoshoots, live streaming, dance rehearsals, birthdays, listening and holiday parties, and large rehearsals.

The 17′ x 37′ Studio at Music Makers New York.

Music Makers New York also offers live music recording and jam sessions. Live music recording allows musicians to get hours of beautiful footage of their band shot in just one day. Saturday Night “Reserve” Jam guarantees artists the opportunity to not just play a song or two like most open jams, but have a complete and comprehensive jamming experience for several hours. Music Makers has the most extensive catalog of songbooks that are accurately charted for all musicians, along with lyrics for all singers. The Reserve Jam will be a broad Classic Rock Genre with a repertoire of material ranging from the 60s through the 80s with the possibility of some newer material depending upon the specific group, and the minimum skill level requirement for the Reserve Jam Session is Intermediate level.

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