Recording Studios in New York City

Flavorlab is an award-winning audio production company that composes, records, mixes, and masters music and sound for the biggest brands in the world. Among its accomplishments, Flavorlab composed the theme song for ABC’s Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The View. HBO’s Emmy Award-winning documentary series, VICE, utilizes Flavorlab’s exclusive producer’s toolbox and licensing services for music. Flavorlab offers the ultimate mix of inspired creativity, technical know-how, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and customer service. Now in its 21st year, the studio is still going strong and producing all kinds of music.

Flavorlab offers a complete set of audio solutions through three divisions: Score, Sound, and Producer’s Toolbox. Flavorlab Score is the studio’s award-winning music composing division and provides custom scoring for some of the biggest names in television, film, advertising, and beyond. The studio’s unique mix of creative and technical expertise enables creative, innovative compositions for brands.

Flavorlab Sound provides precision recording and audio post-production for stories. The studio’s award-winning team of audio engineers are both technical and artistic experts who employ an unyielding commitment to craftsmanship in their work. Flavorlab delivers the highest level of production quality for recording artists.

Flavorlab Producer’s Toolbox is an exclusive music catalog that features over 300 contributing composers. Flavorlab’s composers have worked with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, Sting, Jennifer Hudson, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Black Eyed Peas, Wiz Khalifa, Ne-Yo, Flo Rida. Sarah Bareilles, and many others. Flavorlab Producer’s ToolBox represents a powerful, contemporary library of tracks that resonates with and enables creatives.

Siren Studios in New York City operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The penthouse space offers the highest quality equipment, including augsburgers speakers. The maximum capacity at Siren at all times is eight people.

Siren Studios in New York City.

Beatstreet is a full-service audio post-production facility located in the Flatiron District of New York City. The essence of their work is to bring visuals to life with music and sound design. Beatstreet’s Grammy, Emmy, and Cleo award-winning composers provide a wide range of original scoring and songwriting. Beatstreet’s Sound Designers combine years of experience and technical expertise. With five state-of-the-art studios (601, 603, 502, the Lab, and the Edit Studio) editing suites, and project management services, Beatstreet prides itself on living up to the highest standards.

Studio 601 is an all-purpose tracking and mixing suite. Featuring a spacious control room loaded with outboard gear and an Industrial Acoustics-designed live room, 601 is ideal for recording music and sessions with multiple voice talents. The live room features a 40″ LCD Monitor, perfect for ADR, while the expansive control room is equipped with an AVID ICON D-Command console, Genelec, NS10, and Auratone monitoring.

Studio 601 at Beatstreet in New York City.

Studio 603 at Beatsteet is known as the Production Suite and is the perfect environment for voiceover, ADR, and audiobook sessions. The relaxed setting allows superior comfort and eye contact with the talent from every seat. All amenities are built into this studio suite- away from reception and client traffic for private, intimate sessions.

Studio 603 at Beatstreet in New York City.

Studio Suite 502, known as Beatsteet’s Surround Suite, is built to mix in stereo or 5.1 surround sound. The control room features an Avid Icon D-Control and ProTools 12 HDX System. Plugin suites by Waves, Izotope, and Soundtoys, dual UAD2 Octo-cards, instruments, and Beatstreet’s sound library are at artists’ fingertips.

Studio Suite 502 at Beatstreet in New York City.

The Lab is also in Suite 601 and serves primarily as the SFX/Foley pre-lay room, but is also comfy for a small voice recording session. It sits adjacent to the 601 Mix Room, making it convenient for sessions requiring two studios. The Lab is also equipped with Adobe Premier for video editing.

The Lab in Studio 601 at Beatstreet in New York City.

The Edit sits adjacent to the Mix Room in suite 502, and its close proximity makes this a perfect station for editing, tuning vocals, and general housekeeping of sessions.

The Edit at Beatstreet in New York City.

Since 1998, CDM Sound Studios in New York City has been providing aspiring recording artists with ADR, narration, podcast, audio, advertising, post-production audio, specialty audio restoration, connectivity, and file transfer services. Located in the historic Art Deco Film Center Building in Midtown Manhattan, CDM takes pride in its discretion, with surroundings where talent always feels supported and comfortable. For more than twenty years, CDM Studios has become the go-to recording studio for many household-name actors and vocal talents from Los Angeles, Europe, New York, and beyond. CDM engineers are a community of true craftspeople, committed to meeting a wide range of needs with the instincts of artists. CDM is equipped with five studios, One, A, B, C, and 5, and a Green Room available for use by recording artists.

Studio One at CDM Studios in New York City.
Studio A at CDM Studios in New York City.
The Studio B Booth at CDM Sound Studios in New York City.
Studio C at CDM Sound Studios in New York City.
Studio 5 at CDM Sound Studios in New York City.
The Green Room at CDM Sound Studios in New York City.

JSM Music and Sound Design in Midtown Manhattan is the preeminent global commercial music production and sound design leader for the world’s most influential and compelling brands across all digital, broadcast, film, television, live/experiential, and mobile mediums. For over 30 years, JSM has continued to evolve and remains ahead of the curve by exclusively securing the finest global musical talent and maintaining unparalleled business practices and service. To this day, JSM remains one of the world’s most comprehensive recording and creative resources and has worked with a number of big names in the music industry, including Canadian singer Avril Lavigne on her debut studio album, Let Go (2002.)

JSM Music and Sound Design in Midtown Manhattan.

Skyline Studios in New York City has worked with artists such as Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin) and Celine Dion (Celine Dion.) Skyline has two studios available for use by recording artists, A and B. Both studios have been upgraded and updated with a brand-new look and format.

Studio A of Skyline Studios in New York City.
Studio B of Skyline Studios in New York City.

Rock Tha Mic Productions in New York City was started by audio engineer, producer, and artist Xalent. He was born in New Orleans Desire Housing Projects, and as a young child, he started his music career as a rapper being inspired by soul artists from the 70s and hip hop artists/producers such as DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg, and Nas. In 2010 he established Rock Tha Mic Productions (R.T.M.) and after a conversation with multi-Platinum Producer Mannie Fresh (Cash Money Records), he grew more interested in music production and audio engineering. 

Xalent, founder and owner of Rock Tha Mic Productions in New York City.

Downtown Music Holdings in New York City emerged in 2007 and is a modern global music company, helpingmillions of creators, rights holders and their partners to manage their music as a business and get paid fairly for their work. Downtown works with creators at every stage of their career, from emerging songwriters to big name performers. Originally founded as a music publishing company, founder Justin Kalifowitz saw an opportunity to reimagine the business of music by using modern technology to support a thriving creative class, helping millions of global creators share in the wealth of music and get paid fairly for their work. Today, we represent over 20 million songs across more than 145 countries on six continents. Artsits that Downtown has worked with include Britney Spears (Femme Fatal), One Republic (Native), and Selena Gomez (Revival.)

Power Station at BerkleeNYC, originally opening its doors in 1997, is a landmark nonprofit partnership bringing together Berklee, the City of New York, musician/investor Pete Muller, and members of the Founder’s Advisory Board formed to revitalize the historic Power Station Studios in Manhattan. The building was originally built as a Con-Edison power relay station, which provided power to Manhattan’s elevated train, which has since been converted into the High Line. It has since been transformed into a state-of-the-art recording and video production facility for the city’s music, theater, television, and film industries, as well as a campus for Berklee to provide music and performing arts education just blocks from Broadway. 

In addition to the studio renovations, the building’s lower level now houses a flexible-use black-box theatre, featuring state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and LED screen XR technology. The adjacent video control room captures video from 26 PTZ cameras facilities-wide, and a green room, dressing rooms, writing rooms, and an additional performance space fill out the lower level. The third floor contains additional Music Technology, Virtual Reality, and DJ Labs, as well as a flagship classroom/rehearsal space called “The Arch.”

Overseeing the project is Stephen Webber, Executive Director of BerkleeNYC and Dean of Strategic Initiatives for Berklee. The daily operations of the space have been taken on by Ian Kagey, who joins Power Station at BerkleeNYC as its director of operations. Artists who have recorded at Power Station, both before and after the renovations, include Bruno Mars (Unorthodox Jukebox), Celine Dion (Celine Dion, Falling into You) All Time Low (Dirty Work), Lady Gaga, and Tony Bennet (Cheek to Cheek), and Mariah Carey (Rainbow.)

The Power Station studios include two of New York City’s premiere large studio spaces (Studio A and Studio C), the cozy vibe of Studio B, which is perfect for small to medium-size ensembles, and the elegant mix and overdub destination of Studio G. The new Black Box Theater features an entire lighting grid, a massive LED wall, an adjacent Video Control Room, a Green Room, and two Dressing Rooms. All studios are now fully equipped with integrated video capabilities, including twenty-six 4K PTZ cameras with 21x optical zoom, installed facilities-wide, and in-house video services also include three Scarlet RED Cameras, three 4K Panasonic camcorders, a crane, a jib, and a movable track.

The flagship room of Power Station, Studio A provides a spacious tracking room featuring an innovative and flexible system of isolation. The signature sound of Studio A is unmistakable and has graced countless legendary recordings since its doors opened, from rock bands to 60-piece orchestras, all the way to Broadway cast albums. Studio A is centered around a classic 40-input Neve 8088 console, the last of its kind produced by Neve, custom-built for Power Station Studios, providing impeccable vintage analog tone with the flexibility in routing needed for modern recording sessions.

Studio A at Power Station at Berklee NYC.

Studio B is a medium-sized recording space with three isolations booths that make it intimate and flexible. Centered around a Solid State Logic 9000J 72 input console that offers high channel count and incredible flexibility, Studio B is an ideal home for tracking and mixing. Studio B can also easily be tied to Studio A and be used as extension of both the live room and control room for larger sessions.

Studio B at Power Station at Berklee NYC.

Studio C offers maximum versatility with its expansive 24-foot ceilings as well as three large isolation booths. The studio also includes a space modeled after the acoustics and aesthetic of Motown Studios in Detroit. Centered around a Neve VRP 72 Input console with Flying Fader Automation, the room is ideal for any size project tracking or mixing. 

Studio C at Power Station at Berklee NYC.

Designed by Roy Hendrickson, Studio G offers impeccable acoustics with a comfortable, private atmosphere. The room is also fitted with a sizable isolation booth to facilitate small tracking dates and overdubs. Studio G is based around a classic Solid State Logic 4000G+ Special Edition, 56-input console, fitting a great sounding room with one of the most popular analog mixing consoles in the world.

Studio G at Power Station at Berklee NYC.

The Mastering Place in New York City was built in 2007 by Dave Kutch. After 11 frustrating years of working at various mastering studios in New York City, Kutch wanted to build a peaceful, elegant, creative environment for himself, staff, and clients. What started with just one Mastering Room has grown into a multi-room, full-service mastering facility with over 24 Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations and countless platinum records. The Mastering Palace can provide clients with every possible audio format they may need, from vinyl master lacquers cut on our fully refurbished Neumann VMS70 lathe to the latest immersive Dolby ATMOS masters. Among the artists that have recorded at The Mastering Palace, Christina Aguilera recorded her eighth studio album, Liberation (2018) at the studio.

Dave Kutch, founder of The Mastering Palace in New York City.

Studios 353 in New York City, which is temporarily closed, offers attractive and affordable studios and performance space for singers, actors, and musicians. The girl group Destiny’s Child recorded their second studio album, The Writings on the Wall (1999), and their first greatest hits album, Number 1’s (2005) at Studios 353. The facility offers seven studios for use by recording artists, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and B.

The 22×30 Studio 1 of Studios 353 in New York City.
The 14×16 Studio 2 at Studios 353 in New York City.
The 20×40 Studio 3 at Studios 353 in New York City.
The 12×26 Studio 4 at Studios 353 in New York City.
The 15×16 Studio 5 at Studios 353 in New York City.
The 11×16 Studio 6 at Studios 353 in New York City.
The 19×40 Studio B at Studios 353 in New York City.

Located in the Flatiron district, Soundtrack New York has two locations, 10 stages, and over 35 years of audio expertise. Built around spectacularly recorded ADR, state-of-the-art re-recording studios, and award-winning staff, Soundtrack is the place to be for all of your post-production audio needs. Artists that have recorded at Soundtrack New York include Destiny’s Child for their third studio album, Survivor (2001), and the rock band Linkin Park for their second studio album, Meteora (2003.)

Blast Off Productions in New York City offers curation/branding, production/development, and mixing/mastering services to recording artists. Rapper Drake recorded his first studio album, Thank Me Later (2010) at Blastoff Productions. The facility offers two studios, A and B, to recording artists, as well as a live room and lounge.

Studio A at Blast Off Productions in New York City.
Studio B at Blast Off Productions in New York City.
The Live Room at Blast Off Productions in New York City.
The Lounge at Blast Off Productions in New York City.

The Manhattan Center houses two recording studios, The Cabin and Studio-7. David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Timberlake, Aerosmith, and Sheryl Crow headline a long list of artists who’ve recorded at The Cabin. A self-contained studio complete with a spacious live room, isolated drum booth, lounge, and kitchen ensures The Cabin rocks on every level. It is an intimate yet spacious recording facility that combines the digital ease of a Pro Tools HD X system with the proven warmth and musicality of a 72-channel analog mixing console. The Cabin houses a Machine Room, Live Room, Recording Booth, Control Room, Pool Table, Lounge, and VIP Room.

In 1926, the Manhattan Center made history by recording cinema’s first-ever film score for the Barrymore-Astor classic “Don Juan.” Known for having the “best natural acoustics in the world”, The Grand, in concert with Studio-7, continues today as the venue of choice for countless live concerts, film scores, and original soundtracks for hit Broadway musicals. With Studio-7’s recent $1,000,000 technology upgrade, the hits will likely keep on coming.

Studio-7 at The Manhattan Center.

Additionally, Brooklyn-born wrapper Jay-Z has recorded at the Manhattan Center for several projects: his third studio album Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life (1998), his fourth studio album Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter (1999), and his seventh studio album The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse (2002.) More recently, New York-born performers Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga recorded their 2014 dual studio album, Cheek to Cheek, marking Bennett’s 58th and Gaga’s fourth studio album, at the Manhattan Center.

The Sound Design Mastering Studio in New York City’s East Village is owned by Tim Boyce, who serves as the studio’s Mastering Engineer. Sound Design’s services include immersive ATMOS mastering, apple digital mastering, vinyl mastering, restoration and noise reduction, technical writing, and sound design. Sound Designs utilizes an 80-bit accumulator for hardware-based digital processing and summing, highly calibrated hardware, and a dedicated acoustic design for a finely tuned listening environment. At Sound Design, Boyce gives personal dedication to every project with all the artists he works with.

The Sound Design Mastering Studio in East Village.
Founder and Chief Mastering Engineer of Sound Design Mastering Studio, Tim Boyce.

Ted Spencer Recording in Manhattan’s Upper West Side is a full-featured recording studio offering video production, final cut pro editing, and DVD authoring owned by an award-winning recording and mastering engineer and midi programmer. Outside of working in his anonymous Upper West Side studio, Spencer engineers recording sessions on a freelance basis in other studios, large or small. Ted Spencer Recording houses a control room, iso booth, lounge/live room, and dining area.

Spencer grew up in Scarsdale and first realized his love for recording at the age of 13 when he was the co-lead singer and drummer of his rock band “Stanley.” His older brother Courtney was working as an engineer in a recording studio/production company in Manhattan called Mark Century and arranged a free recording session for Stanley, and later, when Spencer was in high school, arranged another free session for Spencer’s next band, “The Brass Blues Band.” When college rolled around, there were no accredited schools for anything like studio sound recording, and ultimately got accepted to the University Of Cincinnati’s College of Design Art and Architecture as a graphic design major. 

After dropping out, he looked for studio jobs in the Cincinnati area, to no luck, but ended up working with Carl Edmondson, who had built a small studio next to his house in Hamilton, Ohio. Spencer learned a lot from Edmondson, and ultimately moved back to his hometown of Scarsdale, beginning work at Germano Studios in New York City as a Second Assistant in 1974, then known as The Hit Factory, shortly before it was purchased by Troy Germano. Spencer worked his up the latter and continued to work there after the studio was renovated and renamed, getting promoted to recording and mixing engineer in 1978, before opening Ted Spencer Recording in 1990.

The Outboard Gear in the control room of Ted Spencer Recording.
The Midi Gear in the control room of Ted Spencer Recording.
The Telefunken U-47 microphone inside the iso booth of Ted Spencer Recording.
The Lounge at Ted Spencer Recording.
The Dining Area of Ted Spencer Recording.

The Music Building has been New York City’s premiere and most historic monthly music rehearsal facility since 1979. With 69 studios and an alumni roster that includes the likes of Madonna, Billy Idol, and The Strokes, The Music Building has dedicated itself to being a creative hub for New York City’s most talented recording artists. The Music Building’s rehearsal space is accessible to artists from all regions of the Tri-State area due to its proximity to Port Authority and existing subway stations in the neighborhood. The inspiring vibe and community aspect of The Music Building have been a factor in the mutual loyalty that exists between musicians and the studio. In addition to renting space to known musicians, The Music Building rents space to local bands, artists, and musicians who are just starting in the industry. 

Skye Lab Music Group in New York City makes it easy and affordable for any singer to become a viable recording artist, by using established industry professionals and cutting-edge technology. By working with Skye Lab Music Group, aspiring musicians can produce radio-ready, high-quality music demos, and masters at affordable rates. SkyeLab also provides professional photography services, music promotion and marketing, worldwide online distribution, and professional guidance to help propel a singer’s or band’s career to the next level.

Each recording studio at Skye Lab is equipped with Protools HD, Apple Logic, and loaded with tons of plug-ins. The studio has the highest quality Neumann microphones, Avalon and Focusrite mic pres, Urei compressors, EQ’s, and more. The live rooms at Skye Lab are completely balanced and sound proof.

The recording studio at Skye Lab Music Group in New York City.

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