Recording Studios in New York City

Complete Music Studios in Brooklyn has been an integral partner in the success of musicians, bands, managers, and promoters since 1992. The company was founded in 1985 as Big Mike Productions with a fleet of trucks carting working musicians’ gear to and from gigs, recording studios, and airports. The first rehearsal studios were opened in 1989 in a neighborhood now known as the North Chelsea Arts District. National and International acts of all kinds, local favorites, and some of today’s emerging stars have chosen to work at Complete Music Studios with knowledgeable, service-oriented staff. Complete Music Studios offer a wide variety of production-ready rooms for your every rehearsal need, and each room includes a full backline of guitar and bass amps, keyboard, drums, and PA system.

The Isolation Booth in the Control Room at Rift Studios.

Complete Music Studios is equipped with standard rehearsal rooms, production rooms, a showcase room, and a new production suite/long-term writing room. The 350 square foot Standard Rehearsal rooms come fully equipped with a full backline of drums, combo guitar amps, a 4×10 bass rig, 88 weighted key keyboards, and full vocal PA, and can accommodate bands of up to eight people with ease. Production rooms are 750 square feet with hardwood floors, a full concert PA with two additional monitor mixes, half stack and combo guitar amps, an 8×10 bass rig, a full drum set, 88 weighted key keyboards, and the option of a baby grand piano.

Any band who needs a lot of space and a real tour environment is well suited for the 1200 square foot Showcase room with 12 ft ceilings and an optional power tie-in as well. The new 2500-square-foot Production Suite includes an adjacent lounge, bathroom, mix room, and kitchenette. The Suite also has a private phone south-facing sun-lit windows, and a power tie for self-contained audio or lighting rigs. 

The 350 square foot Standard Rehearsal room at Complete Music Studios in Brooklyn.
The 750-square-foot production room at Complete Studios in Brooklyn.
The 1200 square foot Showcase Room with an optional stage at Complete Studios in Brooklyn.
The new 2500 square foot production suite at Complete Studios in Brooklyn.

Mansion Recording Studios in Brooklyn comes equipped with three studios, A, B, and C for use by artists. Studio A comes equipped with equipment such as Neumann u-87, an SSL G-Bus Stereo Compressor, an SSL Six Channel 500 Series, UAD 1176 LN, API 560 EQ, Avalon 737, and more, as well as plugins like Waves Horizon, Soundtoys 5, Fab Filter Pro-Q, UAD Plugins, Sooth E2, Plugin Alliance, MCDSP, and Antares. Studio B’s equipment includes a Neumann TLM-103, Neve 1073,  Apollo X Quad Core Interface, Yamaha HS8 Powered studio monitors, and plugins like Waves Horizon, Soundtoys 5, Fab Filter Pro-Q, UAD Plugins, Sooth E2, Plugin Alliance, MCDSP, and Antares. Equipment in Studio C includes an Elefunken TF-51, an Apollo X Quad Core Interface, and Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitors. Studio C is equipped with plugins such as Waves Horizon, Fab Filter Pro-Q, UAD Plugins, Plugin Alliance, MCDSP, and Antares.

Studio A at Mansion Recording Studios in Brooklyn.
Studio B at Mansion Recording Studios in Brooklyn.
Studio C at Mansion Studios in Brooklyn.

Grand Street Recording in Williamsburg is at the heart of musical ingenuity and is designed to push the limits of sonic imagination. With a carefully-selected and vast collection of vintage and modern instruments, Grand Street Recording will inspire creative vision and capture the sound an artist is looking for. The staff at Grand Street Recording is connected with a wide network of world-class musicians and are able to accommodate any musical needs, from full bands to strings to vocal ensembles. The space includes a front office/sound lock, a 35×19 Live Room, a 17×18 Control Room, and a 9×18 Iso Booth. In addition to the live room and iso booth, Grand Street Recording has three sound lock spaces for recording isolation.

The 35×19 Live Room at Grand Street Recording in Williamsburg.
The 17×18 Control Room at Grand Street Recording in Williamsburg.
The 9×18 Iso Booth at Grand Street Recording in Williamsburg.
The floor plan of Grand Street Recording in Williamsburg.

Salant Sound is a professional home recording studio in Canarsie, Brooklyn, owned and operated by sound engineer, Josh Salant. Salant built the studio in 2006 along with his father Michael and brother Sean, both hard-working musicians who know the passion that drives great recordings. Together, they have given their all to the studio to help artists capture their soul and vibe by facilitating any audio needs necessary. Salant was born in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope but has lived in Canarsie most of his life. Salant has worked with artists like The Coffin Daggers, No Call No Show, Taylor And The Apes, Monster Over There, Nova Lantern, Pipe, Mobius, and Name Your Poison.

Drummer, Bassist, and Vocalist Josh Salant, owner and operator of Salant Sound.

Cook It Up Studios is a professional recording studio in Downtown Brooklyn, specializing in audio recording, mixing, and mastering, offering Radio quality in a Small boutique studio environment. The studio’s goal is to make the artist as comfortable as possible, by setting a creative vibe. Cook It Up Studios is owned by Brooklyn-based Audio Engineer, Producer, and DJ Supertouch.

Supertouch has dedicated his time and energy to music for most of his life. His father is the lead guitarist in the legendary punk band Bad Brains (Dr. Know.) Supertouch is passionate about his sonic vision and creative ideas for the mixing/production process. His goal is to make that vision come true and stand out in the competitive music industry. After mixing and producing for about seven years in a studio environment, Supertouch decided in 2015, to open his own studio. 

Owner, Producer, and Senior Audio Engineer at Cook It Up Studios in Downtown Brooklyn, Supertouch.
The equipment layout at Cook It Up Studios in Downtown Brooklyn.

Donut Shop Studios in Brooklyn is a unique facility offering recording and editing, mixing and mastering, production, and post and film services. The studio is home to Grammy Award-winning Recording and Mixing Engineer Maxime Morin. Known as Max The Engineer, Morin has worked at various recording studios in New York City such as Quad Studios, Germano Studios, Platinum Sound, and The Brewery Recording.

Originally from Marseille France, Maxime Morin moved to New York City to pursue his music career. This offered him the opportunity to work with some of the best artists, producers, and songwriters in the industry such as Stalley, ASAP ROCKY, Mario, Pharell Williams, Bebe Rexa, Oh Land, H.E.R, Future, DJ Khaled, Kat De Luna, Curren$y, LL Cool J, Beyonce, and many more. Morin had the opportunity to work with R&B singer H.E.R on the singer’s 2017 anonymous compilation album, which gave him the incredible honor of winning the award for Best R&B Album of the Year and a Nomination for Album of the Year at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Maxine Morin, Grammy Award-winning Recording and Mixing Engineer at Donut Shop Studios in Brooklyn.

Freshwater Studios in Brooklyn offers a variety of music production, songwriting, recording, engineering, mixing, sound design, podcasting, and other services to aspiring recording artists. Owner, producer, and engineer Sal Gallassio’s credits include Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Pro Era, Mick Jenkins, and Bub Styles. Freshwater Studio is equipped with an 8’x5′ Enhanced WhisperRoom, Pro Tools Ultimate with HD Native,
Ableton Live 11 Suite and Push 2, Lynx Aurora 8, Focal Trio6 Be Monitors, Auratone 5C Super Sound Cubes, Dangerous Monitor ST, Manley Reference Cardioid, Tube Tech CL-1b Tube Compressor, API Lunchbox, API 512c, Heritage Audio 73EQ Jr, Little Labs VOG Voice of God, Distressor with Brit Mod
Plug-Ins from UAD, Waves, Spitfire Audio, Antares Auto-Tune Pro, FabFilter, iZotope, NI, Neural DSP, Output, Soundtoys, SSL, and Valhalla DSP and XLN Audio.

Owner/Producer/Engineer at Freshwater Studios in Brooklyn, Sal Gallassio.
Freshwater Studios in Brooklyn.

Goat Studios NYC in Brooklyn is a professional music recording studio, founded in 2020 by Multi Platinum Audio Engineer and Music Producer, Junior Garcia. Since its establishment, Goat Studios NYC has been home to many indie and major artists bringing in countless RIAA Platinum Awards to the facility. Goat Studios’ mission is to help artists fulfill their musical goals and push them to break boundaries they have yet to achieve, through its recording, mixing, custom production, and mastering services. The studio’s architectural design promotes an upscale aesthetic with zero compromises in sound acoustics, and the facility includes an all-inclusive private experience with a lounge, kitchenette, writers suite, control room, and booth. Goat Studios has state-of-the-art audio equipment and ground-shaking loudspeakers that will leave artists in awe.

Junior Garcia is a Multi Platinum Audio Engineer and Music Producer born and raised in Brooklyn. He has accumulated an astonishing 500 Million streams from the music he has engineered and produced. Garcia is a great engineer who enjoys creating music from start to finish. He strives to provide only the best quality of music. With a big list of credentials, which includes, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Tjay, Fetty Wap, Anuel, Natti Natasha, Arcangel and countless more he is definitely a vital asset to any artist’s arsenal.

Junior Garcia, Multi-Platinum Chief Audio Engineer and Music Producer at Goat Studios NYC in Brooklyn.
The Mic Booth at Goat Studios NYC in Brooklyn.
The Lounge at Goat Studios NYC in Brooklyn.

Pumps Rehearsal Studios in Williamsburg is located directly above the world-famous Pumps Exotic Dancing Strip Club. All studios at Pumps are showcase studios, designed by a professional acoustical engineer. Design influence at Pumps stems from musical basics and unique design to create a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Pumps Rehearsal Studios is equipped with several recording equipment and gear such as Marshall JCM2000, Marshall JVM50, and Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier guitar heads, Fender Rhodes and Yamaha CP33 keyboards, five-piece Pearl Signature Series, Gretsch Catalina, and Yamaha Stage Custom drums, and a Shure SM58 microphone. Additionally, Pumps Rehearsal Studios is equipped with a PA System that includes a Yamaha EMX (500 Watts), 15” Yamaha Speakers, and a 15” JBL Speaker.

Pumps Rehearsal Studios in Williamsburg.

Muve Media in Brooklyn is a state-of-the-art recording studio that features three unique rooms, each designed to meet the needs of a variety of projects and budgets. Their team of talented individuals includes brilliant engineers and a rockstar project management team. Additionally, Muve Media is excited to announce that more studios will be available soon. The main Skyloft studio is the flagship recording space, boasting a spacious recording booth and lounge area with breathtaking views of the Brooklyn skyline, and is perfect for recording sessions or creative brainstorming sessions. Muve Media is centrally located just 20 minutes away from the Barclay Center, five minutes away from the Williamsburg Bridge, 10 minutes away from the Brooklyn Bridge, and 20 minutes away from Times Square.

Muve Media’s three recording studios are its Skyloft, 2E, and Saxum studios. In addition to recording studios, Muve Media also offers photography services, videography services, and podcast production services in its Cyclorama studio. The studio has an extensive equipment rental roster with everything an artist needs to take your project to the next level.

Saxum Studio is the latest addition to Muve Media, giving aspiring recording artists the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of sophistication. This premium offering is designed to elevate your creative projects to new heights, providing an unparalleled experience in a stunning environment. Saxum Studio features a stunning 20′ wide matte black geometric wall, perfect for adding style and modernity to your visuals. Muve Media’s newest addition lets clients enjoy the convenience of a dedicated changing room with hooks, a full-length mirror, and ample lighting. Saxum Studio’s makeup and wardrobe station offers a 50-hanger rack, a vanity mirror with adjustable LED lighting, and a spacious table. 

Saxum Studios, the newest addition at Muve Media in Brooklyn.
The Cyclorama Studio at Muve Media in Brooklyn.
The Sky Loft Studio at Muve Media in Brooklyn.
The 2E Studio at Muve Media in Brooklyn.

Behind the Curtains Media is a full-service recording studio in Brooklyn with artist services for music publicity and promotion. Behind the Curtains Media works one on one with clients to get the most out of their music releases, and digital marketing is personally implemented by a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate during all sessions. Behind the Curtains Media was built by music producer Mike Abiuso, who has built a team of professionals who can take ideas, demos, or nearly finished tracks to their fullest potential. Abiuso and his team offer recording, writing, composing, film and ad scoring, production mixing, and mastering. An artist can work live in the studio, or by remote recording sessions.

Depending on an artist’s specific goals, music, previous releases, genre, audience size, and how much of their own time they want to dedicate to promoting music, Behind the Curtains Media can put together a strategy that works best for every artist. The studio not only creates music for aspiring musicians, but it helps them promote their music. “Promoting” includes but is not limited to publicity, playlist pitching, release shows, touring, running digital ads, merch, music video production, press photos, and lyric videos.

Music Producer at Behind the Curtain Media in Brooklyn, Mike Abiuso.
The Studio at Behind the Curtains Media in Brooklyn.

StoneBrown Studios is an urban record label company in Brooklyn that stands for making only the highest quality of music. StoneBrown’s services include recording, mixing with stems, mastering, and programming. The studio provides a space for aspiring recording artists to make music in a nice, comfortable, boutique space, with a floating vocal booth. The process of mixing with stems lets StoneBrown take your tracks from home, and make them sound polished and ready for the market, with professional sound quality. Mastering is how StoneBrown applies the final touches, that make your music sound professional with clarity and punch, while programming lets them sit with an artist, bring their ideas to life, and help them realize their vision.

StoneBrown Studios in Brooklyn.

Visionlanty Studios in Brooklyn aims to provide high-quality professional production by motivating and encouraging clients to achieve their personal vision, with the creative input and talents of their team. Visionlanty was founded by, Santos Vega, Jose Almonte, and Raymond Mejia in September 2010 with the goal and purpose of bringing quality professional production. Visionlanty has captured performances from a variety of well-known and underground artists. Visionlanty’s main purpose is for artists to be able to get their whole project done under one roof. Whether it’s recording a mixtape, shooting some visuals, or getting some photos taken, Visionlanty guarantees to provide the best quality work.

Visionlanty Studios’ main recording engineer, Myles Sancious, started his career in audio engineering within the music industry in New York City after finishing his Master’s program in Audio Engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. He started an internship at the legendary QUAD Recording Studio in New York City and quickly became an assistant. Sancious then gained some more experience during his internship at Engine Room Audio in New York City as well as assisting and tracking various recording sessions. After a couple of years of working and tuning his craft, he became the head engineer at Visionlanty Studios in 2013. Sancious’ passion and professionalism have been a large part of Visionlanty’s success. 

Myles Sancious, recording engineer at Visionlanty Studios in Brooklyn.

The Crib Records in Brooklyn is an imagination turned into reality by owners Raheem Perkins and Jacob Daal. The Crib, located near the beautiful waterfront in Greenpoint, is a recording/production studio designed to give creators the feeling of being at home with their feet up while creating the most intimate pieces of art in a relaxing creative space. At The Crib, the goal is to develop strong relationships with clients. It’s a top priority at The Crib to “work with” artists rather than to “work for them.” The Crib offers recording/hour, mixing/hour, songwriting, and production services to aspiring recording artists.

Jacob Daal, co-owner of The Crib Records in Brooklyn.
Raheem Perkins, co-owner of The Crib Records in Brooklyn.

Virtue and Vice Studios is a recording studio located in South Williamsburg providing an environment that is comfortable and relaxed in order to allow maximum creativity and was built with the working musician in mind by music lovers. Services offered include recording, mixing, mastering, and production with engineers who are fast, efficient, and excited to get the best possible sound for your project. The large live room offers a 14-foot ceiling with lots of natural light and the addition of a Vintage Neve 8026 console allows for the best possible sound for recording and mixing down.

Clients are able to work completely in the analog world or a mix of both tape and digital. Virtue and Vice Studios also works with equipment from Neve, Neumann, Studer, Retro, AKG, Audio Technica, DBX, Calrec, Universal Audio, API, Empirical Labs, RCA, Drawmer, Otari, Octava, Shure, Scully, and more. Virtue and Vice works hard at offering great instruments for clients to be able to use on their projects, from a Yamaha C3 grand piano, an original 70’s Mellotron 400, four Octave Jenco Celeste, Optigan, and Hammond M3 Organ with Leslie cab, Virtue and Vice has plenty of guitars and tube amps for a wide range of tones.

Virtue and Vice Studios is owned and operated by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo, former Chief Engineer at The Cutting Room Studios in New York City. Gallo has worked with artists such as John Legend, Common, Norah Jones, Gavin DeGraw, Cat Power, Yeasayer, Mos Def, Carly Simon, Jon Bon Jovi, Perry Farrell, Warren Haynes, Travis Barker, Robert Randolph, Jim Jones, KRS1 and Talib Kweli just to name a few, as well as on platinum award-winning and many Grammy-nominated projects. He has worked closely with notorious producers including Steve Lillywhite, Eddie Kramer, Will.I.AM, Track Masters, and Jimmy Douglas. At Virtue and Vice, Gallo has put together a variety of great instruments and high-end analog equipment in one place. Outside of working at Virtue and Vice, Gallo freelances at other studios.

Anthony “Rocky” Gallo, owner/operator of Virtue and Vice Studios in South Williamsburg.
Virtue and Vice Studios in South Williamsburg.

727 Studios in Queens has state-of-the-Art equipment including Neumann U87, UAD Avalon, Manley VoxBox, Neve, Tube-Tech CL1B, Fairchild, Studer, Vintage Compressors, and more. Additionally, the studio offers drum lessons and engineering basics classes to aspiring recording artists. Conveniently located in Ridgewood, close to Halsey L subway station and a 30-minute subway from Union Square, 727 Studios is in a perfect and geographically desirable spot for aspiring recording artists in the big apple looking to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

727 Studios in Queens.

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