Black History Month Step Show returns to the Palace Theatre in February

On February 9, TD Bank’s Price Chopper Black History Month Step Show, will be presenting some of the best steps teams from the Capital Region and more. You can catch the show at 5pm inside of Albany’s Palace Theatre. This annual event will be full of high energy, rhythmic performers and should not be missed

Step Show Palace

Stepping is a historical form of art that keeps the memories of enslaved ancestors alive. When stepping, the body is used as an instrument through a combination of foot stomps, claps and words. In the 1800s, African American railroad workers stepped to uplift their spirits during their inhuman treatment.  Since speaking was prohibited at times, African Americans communicated through step. Their movements created a tune that told the story of their pain and sorrow. Today this tradition is continued by millions of people throughout and widely popular within sororities/ fraternities. More information about stepping can be found here.

The euphonious and capturing sound of step is something that needs to be fully appreciated. Through rapid movement and split second changes, you can tell how much time and energy is placed into the choreography. The movement is so alluring that it not only appeals to the eyes and ears but as well as the soul. With each foot stomp you can feel the vibrations run through your body. The entertainment will leave you wanting to learn more about these organizations and their history. This program and others like it offer participants not only a creative outlet, but also a chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Tickets can be found here. Tickets are also available for purchase at the Palace Theatre Box Office, located at 19 Clinton Ave. Box Office hours are Monday through Friday 12pm to 5PM.

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