Schenectady Symphony Orchestra Joins Proctors Collaborative

The Schenectady Symphony Orchestra (SSO) announced to be a member of Proctors Collaborative from August 1st, 2022. It will keep a separate board of directors and Glen Cortese remains its Artistic Director, while but Proctors Collaborative will provide administrative functions.

Schenectady Symphony Orchestra by Stan Hudy

The SSO was founded in 1934 and gave first concert on February 5, 1935, conducted by Kenneth G. Kelley, Supervisor of Music in Schenectady public schools. Their second concert was in a pioneering broadcast three months later, which beamed to South America on General Electric stations to be one of the first American orchestras to be heard overseas via short wave radio.

“Proctors and the Schenectady Symphony have a long history in the community and with one another. This management plan intends to turn that history into a long-term relationship for the health of the arts in our community!”

Philip Morris

The orchestra is comprised of both professional and non-professional musicians from the local community, including teachers, engineers, physicians, and local business people.

Glen Cortese will begin his fourth season for the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra with the 22-23 season, The Musical Time Machine. Meanwhile, the SSO will host concert, A Night at the Movies on August 13 at the Music Haven Concert Series in Schenectady Central Park.

“This season’s program is designed to transport you in time and focus on specific musical eras. We will present new works, traditional favorites, works rarely heard as well as new ways to listen to favorite familiar pieces.

Glen Cortese

Visit for more information on the new season.

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