Sabrina Trueheart Emerges in “Holding Onto Something Good”

On Friday, May 20, Albany folk singer Sabrina Trueheart released her debut EP, Holding Onto Something Good. The four-song project follows the release of singles “To Die Alone” and “Wait,” released in January and March respectively.

Sabrina Trueheart in a dark room with her face illuminated by rainbow light.
Cover art for Holding On To Something Good.

The instrumentation of Holding Onto Something Good is almost as simple as possible, featuring nothing more than Trueheart’s voice and acoustic guitar along with a simple drumbeat on the title track.

Trueheart’s singing is the EP’s best element, with her soft voice matching the project’s focus on tender emotions. She also makes sure to save her impressive vocal range for the right moments, going high in the final seconds of “Honey Bee” and “Skinny Dipping.”

In terms of Trueheart’s guitar work on the EP, while the first two songs consist of slow and simple finger picked melodies, the second half showcases some technical prowess with the quick chord changes on “Skinny Dipping” and closer “Two of Us.”

Lyrically, Holding Onto Something Good is introspective, with musings centered around romance and moving past personal hardship. “Used to wanna run, but those days are gone,” she sings on the pre-chorus of the title track, a moment showing the project at its catchiest.

The EP’s title track showcases the project at its catchiest.

“Skinny Dipping” shows some vulnerability with its use of imagery, as Trueheart sings, “your body glistening, medicine for my troubled mind.”

“Two of Us” closes the EP on an intimate note, painting a picture of romance between two imperfect people. “Life’s good when it’s the two of us, but I’m still me and you’re still you,” she sings in the closing seconds.

While just 12 minutes long, Holding Onto Something Good rings clear, painting Sabrina Trueheart as a person who acknowledges her growth and is looking forward.

Key Tracks: Holding Onto Something Good, Skinny Dipping, Two of Us

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