Inaugural Listen Up Awards Announced for June 17 at Lark Hall

Coming this June to Albany’s Lark Hall is the first annual Capital District Digital Listen Up Awards. Sponsored by Mirth Films and RadioRadioX, the awards shows aim to give the fans a chance to vote for their favorites among a wide selection of categories – some typical, some unique to the Listen Up Awards.

Listen Up Awards

With voting now closed, Mirth Films’ Frankie Cavone looks ahead to the awards show, to be held at Lark Hall on Friday, June 17th, starting at 7pm.

Discussing the genesis of the event, Cavone said “We started the Listen Up Awards to give fans a chance to pick who their favorite band is in the Capital Region throughout numerous categories. We thought this was a great way to see who the music fanatics in the Capital Region are going to see live, listening and following.” Cavone stressed the people’s choice style to the event, emphasizing, “Your Vote, Your Choice.”

Fans should not expect a traditional award ceremony, with superlative awards given out and a show-casual attire, meaning wear your favorite band shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

We want the Listen Up Awards to be a fun experience not only for the fans, but the bands and artists as well. There will be live music performances and much more that you will have to find out by coming to Lark Hall on June 17th

Frankie Cavone – Mirth Films

With the continually strong Capital District music scene having a diverse music scene, Cavone feels “We couldn’t have a better array of bands and artists across all genres. It has been great to get to know a lot of them over the years and watching their careers flourish just puts a smile on your face. It makes you love being part of the community that much more and coming back night after night. There is nothing I would change about it.”

“For us at Mirth Films, we as members of this community embrace and do our best to contribute to what exists. But most importantly remain a fan first, always. We at Mirth Films are just happy to be able to help assist them in anyway possible,”

The Listen Up Awards will be held at Lark Hall in Albany on June 17th starting at 7pm. See what bands/artists made the cut below.

Favorite Solo Duo:

  • Marty Wendell
  • Mark Emanatian
  • Sean Rowe
  • Nick Bisanz Music
  • Josh Casano
  • Curious Comet

Solo Duo Covers:

  • Jeremy Walz & Mark Emanatian
  • North Alen Duo
  • Brian Kane
  • Pat Decker
  • Midnight Radio
  • Geo

Favorite Party Band:

  • Lawn Sausages
  • The Refrigerators
  • Soul Sky
  • Mike and the Monsters
  • Off the record
  • GROOVESTICK(Groovebeats)

Favorite Country Bluegrass:

  • Northern Borne
  • Marty Wendell
  • Jim Gaudet
  • The Saratoga Strings Band
  • Brule County Bab Boys

Favorite Country Cover Band:

  • Beating The Odds
  • Whiskey Highway
  • Skeeter Creek
  • Hammer and Nail

Favorite Rock Cover Band:

  • Soul Sky
  • Legend
  • Brian Kane and the Beginning
  • Chris Busone Band
  • Vinyl Vault

Favorite Americana Artist:

  • Eastbound Jesus
  • Big Frank and the Bargain Bingers
  • Northern Borne
  • Marty Wendell
  • Deb Cavanaugh

Favorite Rock Pop Band:

  • Sydney Worthley
  • Soul Sky
  • The Hard Luck Souls
  • Shortwave Radio
  • The Jagaloons

Favorite Hard Rock Band:

  • Blase Debris
  • Gozer
  • Sly Fox and the Hustlers
  • Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band
  • Ikes Wasted World

Favorite Alt/Indie Band:

  • Haunted Cat
  • Laveda
  • Curious Comet
  • The Pine Boys
  • Candy Ambulance

Favorite Folk Artist:

  • Deb Cavanaugh Music
  • Mark Emanatian
  • Sean Rowe
  • Keanen and Orion
  • Reese Fulmer

Favorite Jazz Artist:

  • Marcus Benoit
  • Joe Barna
  • Todd Nelson
  • Brad Monkell
  • Carol Daggs

Favorite Punk Garage Band:

  • The Va Va Voodos
  • The Hauntings
  • Black Cat Elliot
  • Fine Grain
  • Short Wave Radio
  • Lawn Sausages

Favorite Metal Band:

  • Faced
  • Psychomanteum
  • Deveria

Favorite Jam Band:

  • Glass Pony
  • Timbre Coup
  • Annie in the Water
  • Hilltop the Band
  • Ampevene

Favorite Blues Act:

  • Brian LaPoint
  • Sly Fox and Hustlers
  • George Fletcher Blues Band
  • Soul Sky
  • Dealt The Blues
  • Misty Blues

Favorite R&B/Soul/Funk Act:

  • Victory Soul Orchestra
  • Saliyah Itoka
  • The Age
  • Doc Horton
  • Donna Tritico

Favorite Electronica Artist:

  • Hazeyy
  • SM Ink
  • Architrave
  • 100 Psychic Dreams

Favorite Performing/Recording DJ:

  • Dj Irod
  • DJ Trumastr
  • Dj Mercury
  • JB aka Dirty Moses
  • Hazeyy

Favorite Irish Artist/Band:

  • Killashandra
  • The Mckrells
  • Get Up Jack
  • Hair of the dog
  • Emerald Dawn
  • Celtic Guiness

Favorite Hip Hop Artist:

  • JB Aka Dirty Moses
  • Freedom Stratton
  • PNal
  • B.Chaps
  • Lil Timmy
  • Algorithm
  • Mel Peezy

Favorite Grateful Dead Cover Band:

  • Neon Avenue
  • The Deadbeats
  • The Wheel
  • Brown Eyed Women
  • Gratefully Yours

Former Rocker Turned Blues Guy:

  • Mark Emanatian
  • Rick Bedrosian
  • Andrew Wheeler
  • Sonny Speed
  • Chris Itani
  • Leslie Barkham

Best hair/Make up:

  • Tommy Love
  • Peggy From Troy
  • The Eroitcs
  • Joanna off the record
  • Mike Trash

Most Likely To Fall Off Stage:

  • Jonny Morse
  • Mike Trash
  • Tommy Love
  • Alex Mansman
  • Jim Barrett

Best Dressed:

  • Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band
  • Joanna off the record
  • Jeff Prescott
  • John Morse
  • Tommy Love

The Most Likely To Owe Club Money:

  • Jeff Prescott
  • The Lawn Sausages
  • John Morse
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Underwater Bosses

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