Hudson Valley Singer Sam Kogan Announces EP And New Single “Barbed Wire”

NY singer-songwriter Sam Kogon has announced a four-track self-titled EP, and the release of his new single “Barbed Wire.”

Kogon describes his new approach to songwriting as an “Upstate country rockabilly crooner,” as he spends his time in the Hudson Valley. He has always been an old soul as he is a big fan of The Beatles, and even worked with Al Jardine of The Beach Boys.

sam Kogon
Sam Kogan.

Sam Kogon had a lot to say about the new single.

‘Barbed Wire’ is a song about accepting love, denying love, unrequited love, infatuation, and coming out of the closet. It’s inspired by two friends exchanging songs they write as coded love letters. One friend wants their love to come off the page and the other friend can only express their true feelings in song. Running away with or from someone who isn’t emotionally available can get you tangled in the barbed wire fences they put up at the first signs of vulnerability, so I chose that as the title of the song. The one friend trying to move forward is asking (rhetorically) ‘Is this love? Is this love? I need to know right now…and could you even tell me right now.’ They already know the answer: Sometimes there isn’t a happy ending or closure; sometimes we get burnt like tires, and that’s ok.

“Barbed Wire” is a pop, rock, and country ballad, and makes the listener want to get up and dance. It was produced by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile) and mastered by Steve Fallone (Arcade Fire, Angel Olsen, Big Thieif).

The song is available to stream here, and Sam Kogan’s new self-titled EP will be out in April.

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