False Pockets Are Ready to Experiment With Their Future

Rochester trio False Pockets have returned with their new single ‘Quarter Life Crisis Diapers’, off their upcoming album, Selfish Prophecies. The album, out February 18th, features more of the math rock sound their fans love, along with some new elements.

False Pockets

After celebrating the release, Ben Chesnes and Erik Happ are here to share some behind the scenes of how it all came together. 

Kamra Wint : So, the new single just came out, congrats! How do you guys feel about it? 

Ben Chesnes : We’ve been listening to these for a while, so it’s nice that others can hear it, for sure.

Erik Happ : It’s nice that it’s finally out, we don’t have to be in the processing stage anymore. 

KW: When did the band start writing and coming up with the idea for ‘Quarter Life Crisis Diapers’?

EH : Almost two years ago. During quarantine, we all got together and started making music.

BC : I think one of the riffs in this song was one of the first things [Erik] sent me for the new album.

KW : What made you guys want to release ‘Quarter Life Crisis Diapers’ as your first single?

EH : I think, as a band, we all mutually agreed that it was the best one. 

BC : There’s a bunch of catchy parts in it, and some of the other songs on the album are a little more long winded.

False Pockets

KW : How did you guys get together? How did you all find each other?

BC : Erik and I originally met at FLCC because we were both studying audio technology, but we didn’t start playing music until years after. 

EH : I think it was Fall 2018, I was wearing a Caddywhompus shirt and Ben was like “yo, nice shirt!”. I was like “we should really play some music together sometime.” I had just moved out here, and had nobody to play with so I was down.

KW : Zach is your third member right? How did you guys meet him? 

EH : We were looking for a bassist, so I asked my friend, who was an Eastman Kid [Eastman School of Music], if he knew anyone and he suggested Zach. I just got lucky finding the right people.

KW : So what do you guys have in mind for the future? What are you thinking of?

BC : Well, I feel like our writing process is generally more like Erik coming up with the starting points and then we get together and kind of work it out. We honestly don’t have much written for our next leap, I feel like we wanted to sit with this one for a little bit.

EH : We have a bunch of stuff actually. We have like three songs in form and then a bunch of little ideas. I’m hoping to stray away from writing every single thing, and have us just like get into a room and just come up with ideas collectively.

BC : I think this album definitely has a lot more of that though. Our first EP that we came out with in 2019 was more older stuff that Erik had written and this album that we’re coming out with soon is more collective.

The math rock group has even more in store for their fans, with an upcoming New Paltz show in March and another show in Brooklyn. The future is very bright for False Pockets.

‘Quarter Life Crisis Diapers’ is available on all streaming platforms and more information can be found on the band’s website.

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