Wintercourse Returns to the Knitting Factory on January 8, 2022

After taking a year off in early 2021 during the (still ongoing) pandemic, the annual Wintercourse will return to Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Saturday, January 8, 2022.


Wintercourse 2022 boasts a lineup including Brooklyn bands Teddy Midnight, Jam the Radar, Bonus Level (featuring members of Cousin Earth), and headlined by Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, featuring Scales, a world renowned steel pan player who melds fusion, progressive and rock music on steel pans.

Bonus Level will perform a set of video game jams, featuring members of Cousin Earth, the original hosts of Wintercourse. Synth-driven trio Teddy Midnight will bring in tunes perfect to set the tone for a night of dancing, with newcomers Jam the Radar kicking off the night.

Past Wintercourse events have featured acts such as Bella’s Bartok, Funky Dawgz Brass Band, The Reformed Whores, Space Bacon, Chromatropic, Teddy Midnight, The Matty Carl Project, Mercury Landing, Stevie and The Lion and many others. Read a take from the 8th annual Wintercourse in 2019:

After a short break, the night’s hosts “Cousin Earth” quickly set up and opened their Wintercourse set with the Queen staple “Bohemian Rhapsody,” highlighting newest member Melissa Goscinski’s beautiful falsetto, much to the delight of everyone in the room. With their unique ukulele arrangements and stage antics, Cousin Earth provided a set full of surprises.

“When The Dinosaurs Come Back From Outer Space” saw the appearance of a dancing dinosaur in the crowd before they launched everyone back into the stratosphere with the dance track “Super Fun Laser Beams.” The funky “Alive,” from the recently released album Human Music, paved the way for former vocalist Tara Lawton to come out and rejoin the group on Aretha Franklin’s “Rock Steady.”

Tickets are available on the Knitting Factory website, or you can Venmo for NO-FEE digital tickets in advance. 

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