It’s a Beautiful Day in Mister Rajer’s Neighborhood

On May 18, Mister Rajers’ Neighborhood dropped the new trippy summer anti-anthem “Cinco Uno Eight a psychedelic song about the Capital Region of Upstate New York.

Cinco Uno Eightis originally written, composed, and produced by L Niño. An idea to combine various local artists he had previously worked with in order to properly honor the 518 led to the development of this song. Whether it be the appearances of Mike Guagliardo and Showerpanther adding a distinctive synth sound, to including soothing ambient noises from artists from the local area.

Perhaps the highlight of the track however are the two local MC’s, Justin Sedefian aka Sav and Word Class aka Major Capers. “Each individual layered on an instrumental or vocal to create a truly odd, strange, ode to our beautiful homeland.”

Cameos were also made by Will Fredette of the Albany band El Modernist. The final edition of Kevin Lovely, who has known L Niño since they both attended Guilderland High School, took over mixing duties, while sound engineer legend David Tyo refined the track as the mastering engineer.

L Niño wrote the initial song and produced it and left “gaps” for people to spit verses on, and then had friends each add “layers” which which was chopped up and collaged by L Niño.

“L Niñois a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based out of Troy, NY. He remained in the underground scene until achieving some local traction in the Albany area for his work with Major Niño which was recently in the running for an Eddie Award.

L Niño played violin all throughout highschool. But really didn’t start getting into production, until returning to Troy around 2015. He has taught himself guitar, bass, drums, and production. “My favorite thing to do is produce though, so this was a really neat opportunity to “produce” other musicians and have them spit on a track that was designed to be uh….spitted on?”

He has released music under numerous monikers and projects such as L Niño, Mister Rajers’ Neighborhood, Major Niño, and Jacques in the Bag. Featured in the Times Union and Floated Magazine with features on 102.7 WEQX-FM and local radio stations such as WCAA-LP 107.3 FM, L Niño has also played at well-known local Capital Region venues such as The Fuze Box, The Low Beat, and Troy Kitchen. In the wake of Covid, as venues start to open back up, L Niño hopes to bring more compositions from different projects and artists to the stage.

In L Niño’s other video, “Trumpistani Breakfast,” he compares peoples obsessions with McDonalds to others obsession and fascination with Trump in this wacky video.

“I guess the tongue-in-cheek metaphor would be like…imagine if there was an individual or a whole group of individuals who for some reason thought that McDonald’s makes the BEST burger ever! Which works since Trump LOVES McDonalds. (Not saying that there’s anything wrong with a McDonalds burger, there’s a time and place where it sure hits the spot, but to believe that it’s THE BEST EVER is uh….is something) So the video was just trying to convey being disturbingly obsessed with McDonalds…..or other things.”

L Niño

You can stream the new single here and find out more by visiting the label’s website.

L Niño will be returning to gigging this summer and will begin doing small shows around the Capital Region as things start opening back up.    

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