Hearing Aide: Indie-Rock band El Modernist’s Debut Album ‘Eras’

Indie-rock band, El Modernist, has had their newest debut album “Eras” released on Friday, September 2. The group features a trio of members, Will Fredette, who is in charge of lead vocals and plays the rhythm guitar, Will Hahn who plays the drums and uses the electronic instruments, and Taylor MacMillan who uses the lead guitar and creates backing vocals.

El Modernist band

The Albany-based alternative rock band presents listeners with a ten-track compilation of songs infused with elements belonging to ‘80’s style of rock, such as the groovy synths and jazz-tinged bass, while also containing more contemporary components of alternative rock that is present in other upcoming New York-based bands. The tempo carried throughout the debut follows a steady, consistent rhythm and maintains an upbeat air. 

Their upcoming tour performance will be at Wild in the Trees Music & Skate Festival in Lake George on Saturday, Oct. 1 and starting at 7PM. You can RSVP and get tickets for the event here.

‘Eras’ Debut Album Cover Photo

Watch the official music for their track, “New Waves” below.

‘New Waves’ music video (https://youtu.be/qidF5OshR2A)

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