Watertown Anticipates New Amphitheater Residing in Thompson Park

Watertown anticipates a new amphitheater that will reside in Thompson Park. The amphitheater plans were announced at Watertown’s city council meeting on Tuesday July 6, 2021.

Watertown Amphitheater

The entire proposed project is estimated to cost $7.7 million. The City council plans to use part of the Department of Defense grant to help cover the cost of the amphitheater. The grant won’t completely cover the costs for the amphitheater. The city will still have to cover an estimated $1 million on soft costs.

There is not a lot of information on the upcoming amphitheater but there is some. The Amphitheater will reside in Thompson Park on ​​Kite Hill in Watertown. It will include a stage and band shell, and the natural slope of the hill would be used for seating. It’s unsure if that seating will be built in or if people will have to bring their own. 

Ryan Henry-Wilkinson, a council member spoke on the amphitheater saying, “It’s something that this council wants. It’s something the last council wanted, but it was always on a wish list, like, ‘It would be nice to do that if we could.” 

Part of the allure of the amphitheater would be that it could help bring more people to visit Watertown and help create a better economy for the community. When people come to town for a concert they might buy food from a local restaurant, get a room at a hotel, and stop at other attractions in the town. The amphitheater could be used as a year-round facility, which would open it up to being able to  hold events like Concerts in the Park, Snowtown USA, the Harvest Festival, and weddings all year round and generating income for the city all year round. 

For more information visit the Watertown City Council’s website.

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