Versa the Band Release New Political Single

Long Island’s Versa the Band, releases their politically reflective first single of the year entitled “ROLL (Homies Love Democracy).”

Versa the Band
Credit: Derlis Chavarria and CK Productions

The band started in 2019 with a mission to create music that is out of the box and not tied to just one genre. While they are called a band, that is not quite the dynamic. The name originated from when the creator Ethan Fezzilari was brainstorming band names with his best friend for their cover band. The name Versa came to him after driving on the Long Island Expressway and seeing a Nissan Versa in front of him. The name stuck with him even though Versa the Band is a solo project.

Versa the Band describes themselves as a “music collective” Fezzilari collaborates with other artists of different backgrounds. With influences from various artists such as Bon Iver, James Blake, Sam Cooke and more, Versa the Band has a versatile catalog. They tap into multiple sounds consisting of Hip Hop, Alternative, Pop, Jazz and more. He also draws inspiration from natural sounds and from things humans do regularly that create sound.

With his El Salvadorian background, music has played a major role in his life. He recalls being around music all the time and seeing his mother cook with music playing in the background. While his parents aren’t musicians, their creativity influenced where he is today. The piano was the first instrument that he played when his mother made him and his siblings take lessons. Piano remained a constant throughout his career as a musician. He began his career in the entertainment business as a child actor in community theatre and progressed to short films and commercials. Versa the Band really fell in love with music through singing and the art of it.

Versa the Band is signed to founder Fezzilari’s own Indie label CK Records. The company broadens to different aspects of entertainment including film and theatre. His executive involvement made him yearn for more creativity and his experience as director contributes to his writing skills. His journey with song writing began about two years ago. Versa the Band’s songs “Chelsea in the Spring,” “Barefoot,” “Just Friends,” and “Don’t Be Alone” were all released under the label. It allowed him to stay true to their sound and proved their individuality and creativity.

The newest single “ROLL (Homies Love Democracy)” is another step further in not conforming to just one sound. It derives from a meme, specifically a meme that said “All my homies love Celine Dion.” The song is written from the perspective of the United States during the era of Trump’s administration and the issues resulting from COVID-19. He saw the way certain communities were struggling and lacked resources during a time when they needed it the most. Fezzilari says this is the most unique song the band has come out with. It captures the frustrations that many people felt during these times and they hope it will get people to think and receive the deeper message.

The first half of the song calls out the current state of the political climate, while the second half serves as a cry for help. The single is produced by LOGO, mastered by Colton Lava, mixed by donSMITH along with Cliff 41 Studio. “ROLL (Homies Love Democracy)” is one of the tracks on Versa the Band’s upcoming album Free Thinker, which is releasing in June. Free Thinker is a 16 track project, containing five interludes and two more singles coming out shortly. This first single along with the video releases on March 12.

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