Saint Free Gives off that Valentine Fever with New Single

Saint Free, also known as Bradley Freedman, picked up his first guitar at age 12. He always had a love for music, especially after watching his uncle and cousins play guitar. After getting the courage to perform in a school talent show, he knew that he found his way. This Rochester-based musician is known for his magnetic blend of pop, rock, punk, and reggae. His new single “Bond With Bondage” displays his free-spirit and energy. 

saint free

Saint Free released his new song today, Feb. 14. As the first single off of his upcoming second album, “Bond With Bondage” explores various moods. The artist shifts between gritty vocals and a soft falsetto. With catchy pop hooks and playful lyrics, Saint Free builds a lively tempo that’s sure to make this Valentine’s Day groovier. 

Bond with Bondage takes you on a journey from broken heart to whips and chains in the dungeon. Its exploratory, the message mirrored by the tempo and chord changes. It never lacks for inspiration or excitement, a song that keeps you interested as much by the musical content as by lines like, ‘I’m like a modern-day Shakespeare’s demented little cousin.’ It’s a wild ride from start to finish.

Bradley Freedman
saint free

“Bond With Bondage” will appear on the new Saint Free album, set to release later this summer. Made with producer Sam Polizzi, the album is an open forum on how to love music and play with an open heart. Saint Free applies his creative vocal range and rhythmic guitars into each of his songs, similarly to the work of The Mowgli’s and Sublime. While waiting antically for new work by Saint Free, make sure to check out his first EP.

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