Don’t Miss Out on the Final Week of Silent Parties at the BYKlyn Yard

NYC’s first outdoor cycling studio — BYKlyn Yard— has been partnering up with DJ mixing competition Vibes Music Game, to bring music lovers a fun and safe outdoor experience that many might have been craving, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Located at 421 Dean Street in downtown Brooklyn, the Yard began as an outdoor cycling studio that offered a safe way to stay fit during turbulent times, hosting 40 cycling classes per week. Yet, with normalcy disrupted for the foreseeable future, the Yard is host to another form of socializing that has gone awry as a result of the virus. “From the start, we wanted to host events beyond cycling that bring people together — something we all miss and crave right now,” explains1 BYKlyn CEO and founder Amy Glosser.”

BYKlyn Yard

In turn, they have partnered with Vibes Music Game. A competition that brings together up-and-coming DJ’s to showcase their music, mixing skills and entertainment potential. At the BYKlyn Yard, each of the three New York City DJs get one Saturday night to hype the crowd and show off their style and music. “The VIBES Music Game grew out of the concept of friends passing around the auxiliary cord,” says VIBES Creator Jamahn Warren-Bey. “These jam sessions brought people together to share culture, dance and new music. Now we’re bringing that same vibe to the public in a fun game show.” 

BYKlyn Yard

Events at BYKlyn Yard use the Sound Off Experience sound system, consisting of personal headsets instead of loud music, allowing participants to experience the atmosphere to the fullest, while not disrupting neighbors. And with a maximum capacity of 32, all events are COVID-19 friendly as everyone entering the BYKlyn Yard gets a temperature check, fills out a health questionnaire and wears a mask at all times. Groups can gather if they come together, otherwise, party-goers are encouraged to maintain distance. 

BYKlyn Yard

Scheduled for every Saturday in October, silent parties at the BYKlyn Yard has hosted gatherings on 10/03, 10/10 with two more events set for the 17thand 24th. Beginning at 8 p.m., the final event (October 24), is a live-streamed battle. Like an improv show, the audience names the genre and the DJs mix their music on the spot. The audience, both live and virtual, vote on the winner. 

More information about BYKlyn Yard events can be found here and tickets to Saturday dance parties cost $20 a person and can be purchased here.

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