Premiere: Brooklyn’s Greywolf collaborates with Aya Nori on “Temple”

Today, Greywolf drops the second single, “Temple,” off his upcoming debut album, titled Operation Wolf. A perfect follow-up to his solo debut “Exit Key,” the track continues the beautiful sounds and harmonies of the first release, as well as similar themes of release, cutting chains that weigh you down.


Whether it’s shame, adversity or betrayal, “Temple” sends a message, making a conscious choice to live your best life and to project love, even in times of peril. The track opens with synth sounds that remind one of church bells ringing in the distance, as well beautiful harmonizing between Greywolf and guest vocalist Aya Nori. The track contains elements of hip hop and R&B, particularly Aya’s verse, and sounds at times like a Justin Timberlake tune.

Aya Nori

While Greywolf (Jay Grey) is best known for his work as bassist for Brooklyn-based Escaper, he has branched off to deliver a sound all his own. Once again he plays all instruments on this track — vocals, synth, bass, and beat programming. Additional lyrics written and sung by Aya Nori, who has recently released her sultry single “Daze,” the follow-up to her critically acclaimed song “Young And Offended.”

Teaming with Aya Nori for “Temple” was a dream come true. I’ve been a fan of her music for a long time and couldn’t be more excited with the end result. I feel we’re cut from the same cloth in terms of tonality.


“Temple” was mixed and mastered by Abe Seiferth. Greywolf’s debut album, Operation Wolf, will be available for release in Fall 2020. Wolf says of the upcoming album, “The timing of the record — I don’t think there is any better time to put music in the world. If I can project light and hope into this world then I know I’ve done my job.”

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