Hearing Aide – “Audience of Summer” by Miserable Chillers

Miserable Chillers’ new album Audience of Summer has been released today, Friday, August 7. Chillers’ songs primarily deal with growth and exploration, especially as climate change irreversibly alters our natural landscape.

Miserable Chillers is a baroque pop project created by Miguel Gallego. While Gallego previously released three EPs, Audience of Summer is his full-length debut album. Its release was preceded by three singles: “La nave del olvido,” “The Glass,” and the album opener, “Saga’s Sword.” Made up of nine short tracks, Audience of Summer is a deeply pleasant listening experience that floats right by.

Despite Gallego’s gloomy pseudonym, many of the songs are cool and upbeat, especially early on in the album. “Saga’s Sword” in particular has a beachy quality (further accentuated by the album cover), whereas vaporwave influences reign supreme on “La nove del olvido.” This is most likely intentional: vaporwave tends to satirize consumerism, and the track is about finding wrappers, plastic bags, and other eco-unfriendly debris on the ocean floor. The album track “Card Captor” is also a standout, in which Gallego’s vocals channel Imogen Heap over mesmerizing synths.

Although a Brooklynite, Miguel Gallego grew up in suburban New Jersey. His fascination with nature began with a “bizarrely bucolic” creek in the woods beside his house, which he later discovered was man-made. “[Audience of Summer] is a document of where I was before things changed permanently and abruptly,” Gallego said in a press release. “I feel a personal affection for myself growing as a person and as an artist as I made this.”

Audience of Summer is now available for streaming, as well as on digital album and cassette. 50% of proceeds for the latter formats on Bandcamp are going to Bed-Stuy Strong through August 7. Bed-Stuy Strong is an organization that provides food assistance in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

For more information, see Miserable Chiller’s Bandcamp page.

Key tracks: Saga’s Sword, La Nave del Olvido, Card Captor

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