J. Cole Drops Two New Singles And Announces New Album

J. Cole dropped two singles following a string of Instagram Story posts hinting towards an upcoming release. The singles are the first confirmed tracks on the southern rappers upcoming album, The Fall Off.

On Wednesday night, J. Cole made an Instagram post announcing the upcoming release of “The Climb Back“, produced by Cole, and “Lion King On Ice“, production arranged again by Cole aided by T-Minus and Jetson. The Fall Off will be Coles first solo project since 2018’s KOD.

The first of the two singles, “The Climb Back” has J. Cole performing in his pocket, spitting bar after bar over a sparkling piano melody and a high-pitched vocal sample leaving plenty of room for Cole to switch up his flow which he finds himself doing several times. The song is missing a strong hook however, the understated vocals Cole croons out serve towards the emotional potency of the track.

The second track released, “Lion King on Ice” is a J. Cole track by the numbers. Cole is again operating in his comfort zone; with an stripped back trap instrumental beat featuring similar pitched vocal sampling present in “The Climb Back”, Cole is able to ride the beat comfortably verse after verse.

Cole has made it clear that he has an album coming on the way. However, he is seemingly under little pressure to release the album because he has also made it clear he has no planned release date for the album.

For more information visit J. Cole’s website.

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