Joe Bonamassa Releases Revamped Classic “Colour and Shape”

With a dramatic entry into the world of blues opening for B.B. King in Rochester at the age of 12, Joe Bonamassa has carved out a place in blues history for himself which spans a decades-long career that has produced 15 solo albums, 11 of which reached #1 on the Billboard Blues Charts.

Twenty years ago the first of those albums A New Day Yesterday was released and the fan-favorite track “Colour and Shape” was introduced to the world. Now with a more evolved style listeners can experience Joe Bonamassa’s artistry all over again with the 2020 release of “Colour and Shape”.

Coming August 7 via J&R Adventures, Bonamassa will be releasing a revamped version of his debut album A New Day Yesterday with both new vocals and mixing remastered by long-time producer Kevin Shirley. Listeners can pre-order the album now.

This revamped album will include not only six of Bonamassa’s original tracks but also six cover songs from historically renowned blues and rock artists. The cherry on top is that three never before heard bonus songs will be added, produced by Stevie Van Zandt for Bonamassa.

To get live updates of Bonamassa’s new exploits be sure to visit his website, Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as checking out Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation, a charity established to support musicians and the musical arts.

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