moe. brings back 2015 Ogden Theatre show for moe.ron Monday

For the next installment of moe.ron Monday on Nugs.TV, the band heads to Colorado for their February 6, 2015 performance from the Ogden Theatre in Denver. moe. also recently announced the upcoming digital release of their new album This is not, We are, with select songs now available for streaming.

Setlist via PhantasyTour

Set 1: George> Downward Facing Dog> Hector’s Pillow> Tubing The River Styx> The Pit, Dr. Graffenberg> Not Coming Down> George

Set 2: Crab Eyes, Stranger Than Fiction, Bearsong> Billy Goat*> Don’t Fuck With Flo> Mar-Dema> Meat

Encore: Letter Home2, Blue Jeans Pizza> Recreational Chemistry

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