Premiere: Intercity rocker Diamond Jones releases brilliant short film for his latest single ‘Ashes and Diamonds’

For someone shuffling between cities like Brooklyn and Toronto, the term ‘intercity’ is best to define their mild case of vagabondary. For solo rock n roller Justin “Diamond” Jones, who has been on the inside of the scene for the past 18 years, it aptly describes his constant travel between London, Los Angeles, Toronto and Brooklyn.

Ashes and Diamonds (Full) from Justin Jones on Vimeo.

Having just released his debut single, “Ashes and Diamonds,” Jones also is releasing a short film based around the track, as well as a music video. Having played on stage with John “Twink” Alder from Santa Barbara Machine Head, in groups such as Tomorrow, The Pretty Things and The Pink Fairies, and recorded in The Clash’s studio, Jones is a rare remnant of artistic integrity with a story to be told.

“Ashes and Diamonds” is Diamond Jones’ return to the rock n’ roll and film scene after a period of solitude and devise. Jones solely shines this feat himself: all instruments are played, recorded and produced on his own. Likewise, the film is written, directed, and stars Jones.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Justin “Diamond” Jones as a young adult was involved with a group of semi-professional skateboarders during a time that rock n’ roll was seeing a revival, stemming from the skateboarding community. At that time he stumbled upon Bob Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home and shortly after disappeared off the grid to develop his craft as an artist.

Years later, Jones found himself in London, and quickly began performing around the city on guitar and piano. Jones has spent the past three years in Canada, isolating himself to refine his skills and prepare for his prolific return to the music & film scene.

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